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Welcome to MyDynapac!

This section will open up as soon as we are done with everything involving the launch of this new platform. Here we will inform and educate you in all features and functions of the site, and all its possibilities to get proper data and documents. We do encourage you all to contact us regarding errors and possible changes, but also on features you miss or a simple wish for us to fulfill.

Hope this new site will make your life easier and alot more fun to work with us!

Best regards,
/ Developer Team

Update 2018-09-06
A prototype of  Web Help Desk has been released - full launch late Q4 /2018. Check under MyDynapac Tools to see it.

Update 2018-07-04
Launch of Help Docs has been postponed - but the continueing work are still being done - launch during Q4 /2018.

Update 2017-06-19
A Help Docs section are being in the works, and will be launched during Q4.

Update 2015-11-04
Two "How-To" Guides are available for download, please check Downloads column, to the right of this text.