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Dynapac DR7 Rammers

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  • Dimensions
B. Width 350 mm
H. Height 1030 mm
L. Length 728 mm
L1. Length 335 mm
W. Basic shoe width 280 mm

Product information

Technical data

Net mass 66 kg
Operating mass 67 kg
Speed high 20 m/s
Max. area coverage 336 m2
Max. working speed 20 m/min
Impact force, kN 16 kN
Vibration frequency 10.0 Hz
Vibration frequency 10.0 – 11.8 Hz
Manufacturer Honda
Model GX 100
Manufacturer/Model Honda GX 100
Number of cylinders 1
Type Air cooled gasoline
Emissions according to CARB Phase lll
Rated power 2.3 kW
Fuel tank capacity 3 l
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 0.9 l

Operations & maintenance manuals

Equipment (Standard and options)


■ Infinitely variable frequency
■ Self-cleaning air filter housing
■ Auto oil level check before start
■ Vibration insulated steering bow
■ Engine protection covers
■ Engine & fuel start/ stop on the same switch
■ Recoil starter
■ Loading aid rollers on handle
■ One point lift


■ Hour and rpm display
■ Puncture proof transport wheels
■ Foot widths (160-330 mm)
■ Foot extensions