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Compact Equipment

Dynapac DFP5X e Forward plates

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  • Dimensions
H. Height 390 mm
H1. Height 850 mm
H2. Height 840 mm
L. Length 500 mm
L1. Length 1050 mm
W. Basic plate width 300 mm
Discontinued false
Operating Mass: 52 kg
Compaction Width: 300 mm

Technical data

Operating mass 52 kg
Basic mass 52 kg
Max. working speed 25 m/min
Engine / Drive
Manufacturer/Model 600 Watts IPM motor
Charge time up to 2 hr
Run time up to 60 mins

Operations & maintenance manuals

Equipment (Standard and options)


■ Effort free start/stop system
■ Foldable steering handle
■ Highly wear resistant base plate
■ Protection cover for power pack
■ Lifting handle
■ One point lift


■ Li-ion Battery(1000 Wh)
■ Charger (24V) with bag
■ Block paving mat


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