PL350T Compact planers

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Basic width mm
Transport length 2973 mm
Transport width 1332 mm
Transport height 1925 mm

Product information

The PL350T is the first model of a new generation of compact planers from Dynapac. The three-wheel cold planer is specially developed for partial repairs of asphalt and concrete pavements and removing of surfaces in buildings. The hydrostatically front driven three-wheel compact planer with hydraulical drum drive is capable of removing concrete and asphalt across a cutting width of 350 mm at a maximum cutting depth of 100 mm. The right supporting wheel can easily be folded in for flash cutting alongside walls or curbs. The large 480 l water capacity and a 120 l fuel tank, the powerful 45 kW Cummins engine, the cutting radius of 100 mm and the optional all-wheel drive are priority conditions for an improved working efficiency in this planer range.

Technical data

Transport mass 2.45 t
Operating mass 2.80 t
Ballast mass 1.10 t
Conveyor with scraper (standard) t
Conveyor with scraper (option) 0.25 t
Max. operating mass (full ballast) 4.25 t
Manufacturer Cummins
Manufacturer/Model Cummins
Fuel Diesel
Cooling Water
Number of cylinders 4
Rated power 45 kW
Rated power 60.0 hp
Rated power @ 2200 rpm
Rated power, SAE J1995 45 kW @ 2200 rpm
Type B3.3 - C60


Gear on drive wheels
Type of fluid Volume Additional info  
Dynapac Gear Oil 200 2 liter

Service Kits

Service kit , 1000H
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Compact planers D299000851
Service kit , 500H
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Compact planers D299000850

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