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AC Fluid Gearbox 100 Fluids

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Atlas Copco Dynapac machines have been built to last. Day in, day out, they deliver performance in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. They provide a driving force in your business, allowing no margin for error. To safeguard the high operating standards for which we designed this equipment and to benefit fully from its high reliability and long service life, it is essential to use only the most appropriate lubricants. No one is better placed than Atlas Copco to formulate the exact oil specifications for its equipment. No other lubricant is a better match for our precision mechanics and no other oil or grease can guarantee the optimal performance of every Dynapac component. For Dynapac machines, Atlas Copco lubricants are the only real choice

  Meets the requirements and approvals of:

  • API Service classification GL- 5
5 liter can: 4812 0082 74
20 liter can: 4812 0082 75
209 liter drum: 4812 0082 76

Used in

  • Conveyor gear boxes, auger gear boxes and split gear boxes on pavers and mobile feeders
  • Drive wheel gears for planers (some models)
  • Roller drums, drum gears and in rear axles of CA rollers

Product benefits

  • Ideal, shear-stabile formulation with improved flow properties at lower average temperatures
  • Significant improved wear protection prevents premature material fatigue and wear
  • Additive increased reserve for longer oil change intervals and long-term protection in the final drive
  • Optimized frictional conditions allowing a substancial reduction of power dissipation and peak temperature
  • Increased oil life based on increased oxidation stability and reduced operating temperature
  • Significantly improved compatibility for increased protection against leaks
  • Lower pollution and increase recycling capacity by significantly reducing chlorine content

Technical data

  • Viscosity Grade 80W-90
  • Viscosity Index 100
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ -20 ºC -
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ºC 146
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 ºC 14.7
  • Pour Point, ºC -27
  • Flash Point, ºC 175
  • Color Amber. Liquid at room temperature


5 liter can 4812 0082 74
20 liter can 4812 0082 75
209 liter drum 4812 0082 76

Sales arguments

- Use of original parts and fluids will optimize re-sale value and keep the machine in mint condition - The right fluid – optimizes the machine performance - Simplified selection process - Less time spent on finding right oil - Delivery in a handy can, no need for transfer from oil-drum - All in one delivery, less time spent on waiting and dealing with different suppliers - One invoice, less time spent on paper work - One delivery fee, lower administration cost