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Dynapac DR7

Dynapac DR7 Pestelli

  • Immagini
  • Dimensioni
B. Larghezza 350 mm
H. Height 1030 mm
L. Lunghezza 728 mm
L1. Lunghezza 335 mm
W. Basic shoe width 280 mm
Discontinued false
Operating weight: 67 kg
Compaction force: N/A
Larghezza di compattazione: 280 mm

Dati tecnici

Peso di esercizio 67 kg
Peso netto 66 kg
Max. area coverage 336 m2
Max. working speed 20 m/min
Marca/Modello Honda GX 100
Number of cylinders 1
Tipo Motore a benzina raffreddato ad aria
Emissioni conformi alle norme CARB Phase lll
Potenza nominale 2,3 kW
Capacitá serbatoio carburante 3 litri
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 0,9 litri

Attrezzatura (standard e optional)


■ Low vibration handle
■ Dual stage fuel filter system
■ Air filter
■ Auto oil level check before start
■ Engine protection covers
■ One knob to start or stop both engine & fuel
■ Infinitely variable frequency
■ Recoil starter
■ Loading aid rollers on handle
■ One point lift


■ Hour and rpm display
■ Puncture proof transport wheels
■ Foot widths & extensions
■ Service kit