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Ideal results every step of the way with the Tandem Asphalt Roller range CC2200 VI – CC3800 VI

20 Mar 2023

Press release, Story, Compaction

Ideal results every step of the way with the Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Roller range CC2200 VI – CC3800 VI

With the CC2200 VI – CC3800 VI Tandem Asphalt Roller range, Dynapac continues its mission to provide operators with robust, high-quality, and reliable rollers equipped to take on today and tomorrow’s challenges. The range consists of a series of new rollers from 7,6 to 10 ton with drum width 1500 to 1680 mm. Split drum as well as combi versions are available. They come with numerous new features that ensure optimal compaction results, operational efficiency, and driver convenience. Serial production will start end of 2023.

More comfort and control

The range has been designed for maximum operational ease, driver comfort and safety. Its ergonomically designed interior comes with a new operator interface, including a full-color seven-inch touch display and easy access to all controls. The 360 camera provides operators with continuous “bird's eye” visibility while working, which not only offers more comfort and safety on the jobsite but helps ensure for high- quality compaction results. The corrosion-free water tank is mounted low in the front frame, which contributes to the a 1x1 m view and full visibility of the drum surface and drum spray nozzles. The seat and steering module welcome drivers with a +/- 90o rotation and full sliding function as standard and with an optional full seat 255o rotation that wipes out the limitations of defined forwards and backwards.

The rollers can also be equipped with various extra features designed to best fit local conditions including an operator’s platform with ROPS, ROPS cab, Automatic Climate Control plus application features like edge pressers on different positions, chip spreader and much more. We have of course kept Dynapacs unique off-set function that give as much as 320 mm of offset together with a lot of other benefits.

The Seismic sensation

The Dynapac CC2200 VI – CC3800 VI Tandem Asphalt Roller range comes with our special Seismic feature that offers a whole host of benefits for optimal compaction and operator comfort. The Seismic feature automatically determines the optimal frequency for any compacted material, constantly monitors the variations, and automatically adjusts to changing conditions. The Seismic system is active on both drums for reduced vibration power and energy consumption. The resulting lower noise levels and vibrations within the cabin offer greater driver comfort, while the generally reduced number of passes saves time, fuel, and money. 

Smart communication, compaction, and documentation

The range also have the optional unique Dyn@Lyzer system available. As a state-of-the-art compaction control and documentation system, the Dyn@Lyzer records and maps the stiffness and stiffness progress of the compacted layer in real-time, as well as temperature and number of passes. It additionally functions as a quality control and assurance device, as well as a production tool to optimize the compaction effort. Seamless communication is key during any compaction job, which is why operators can also look forward to an open interface for 3rd party compaction control systems. Ready to connect through the open interface today are Topcon, Leica and Trimble. The protocol is available for other future 3rd parties that are interested too.

Efficiency for more savings and sustainability.

As with all Dynapac products, the range meets the strictest environmental regulations including automatic idling for less fuel consumption and reduced noise emissions. Additionally, the unique “ECOMode” can save up to 20% more fuel and comes standard for the T4f and Stage V engines. Biodegradable hydraulic fluid is an optional alternative. The Seismic system will of course add up to even more fuel savings.