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Lima Airport Project

21 Feb 2022

Major expansion of Lima Airport

Jorge Chavez International Airport, the main international airport in Lima, Peru, is undergoing a major expansion to transform into one of the most important airports in South America. Dynapac customer Sacyr won their third airport contract in Peru. Sacyr is doing the construction works to expand Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima), where they are already working on runways. The new Jorge Chávez terminal will begin operations in 2025 and is a significant source of employment; construction works on Lado Aire, currently underway, have more than 2,200 workers. Over the three years of construction of the new passenger terminal, we estimate to create 3,500 new jobs.

Customer Sacyr choose Dynapac equipment to perform the job

At Lima’s airport, in Peru, a huge fleet of Dynapac rollers, pavers and feeders were tasked to perform the job. The US$ 1.5 billion project will count with a brand-new runway, taxiway, service roads, control tower and more. All flexible pavements were executed by two MF2500CS Feeders, and two SD2550C Highway Pavers. As for the asphalt compaction the task was performed by four CP2700 pneumatic tired rollers as well as four CC4200 double-drum vibratory rollers. all which delivered the highest quality results that matched the strictest quality standards of the airport project.

Dynapac’s Feeders were chosen to the jobsite for it’s consistent feeding capacity of up to 4.000 t/hr which prevents any case of thermal segregation and keeps the mixture homogeneous for an excellent pavement quality, as well as its reliable conveyor belt design which were a must for the contractor to prevent any surprises that could put the jobsite to a halt. As for the Pavers, the SD2550C were chosen dues to its production capacity bt more important the quality of the pavement thanks to the 4-tube screed design. The SD2550C was equipped with the MH2500 hopper to increase the capacity as well as the mixture quality.

See the report of the worksite in the video!