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Efficiency Eccentrics

‘Efficiency Eccentrics’ save energy and fuel in Dynapac rollers!

All rollers in the soil segment 10-12 tons, new generation VI of small asphalt rollers and many of the mid and big size asphalt rollers incorporate “Efficiency Eccentrics”, a patented system of optimized eccentric elements. This feature offer a substantial saving in energy and fuel, while reducing the impact of machine operation on the environment. 

Same high performance, lower operating costs

Dynapac was first to introduce the “Efficiency Eccentrics” system to the market. The system of eccentric elements has been optimized by moving the weight to the right side of the axle, so that less weight counteracts the movement at start-up.

The result is impressive. Almost 11 kW less power is required to initiate the vibratory action, reducing energy consumption at start-up by 50% and thus using less fuel. This lower power requirement has also made it possible to reduce engine sizes yet still offer the same compaction performance as machines equipped with more powerful engines.


The machines equipped with ECO Mode fuel saving system that minimizes fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by ensuring that the roller does not consume more power than necessary at any time gives up to 15% less fuel consumption and a lower noise level.

Together, optimized engines with the same compaction performance combined with ECO Mode offer substantial savings in energy and operating costs, while contributing to a “greener” soil compactor and sustainable productivity.