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Dynapac celebrates its 90th Anniversary

15 Jan 2024

Communiqué de presse

And the journey has just begun! 

Roads, the journeys traveled on them, and the destinations they lead to are legendary. From the Champs Élysées to Route 66, roads connect us physically, emotionally, and culturally. One must only ask any search engine to find songs or novels with "road", "path" or "Highway" in the title to prove their significance. 

For 90 years, Dynapac has helped construct roads and paths that have accompanied countless people on their journeys. But perhaps a more poignant one is the road it as a company has been on for almost a century. This year, we will celebrate our 90th anniversary not only as a paving and compaction innovator but as a traveler on a unique path of our own. 

Every road trip needs the right traveling companion. For us, it has always been our partners. From our beginning in 1934 in Sweden to our global product and service network, we have always seen our partners as travel companions. Together, we have pushed boundaries, met new challenges, and literally laid the groundwork for greater mobility. The journey has taken us to all corners of the world, from arid deserts and frozen landscapes to remote outposts and the busiest metropolitan cities. And we have enjoyed every step of the way. 

But any journey is about looking forward, which is why, together with our partners, we are driving paving and compaction innovation and adapting to new demands. Today, there is no shortage of demands: fostering greater sustainability, providing alternative energy vehicles, and advancing with digital transformations are just some of today's and tomorrow’s important issues. Fortunately, we have been an “early adapter” from the beginning. We brought out the first electric models long before the trend, and our Z.ERA program for an emission-free world continues to advance reduced carbon footprints and help meeting our partner’s C02 reduction goals. And because the digitalized world is changing faster than you can say “the internet of things”, we invest heavily in ensuring that our entire service portfolio, from sales to support, is in step with the latest digital advancements. Whether seen in connectivity features like Dyn@link and MatManager, or AI-enhanced logistics and aftermarket services, we are ready to meet new milestones and create more value for our partners. 

What will the road ahead bring for us and our partners? The last few years have shown us that anything can happen, and we are confident that together, we will reach new goals and explore new and promising avenues in service, technology, and progress. For 90 years, we have taken enormous pride in the diverse talent of our employees and the pleasure of working with so many great partners. It has been an incredible journey this far. We look forward to being your partner for the road ahead in the future: with dedication, purpose, and an enthusiastic look towards 2114!