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Analyseur de compactage pour les sols avec GPS Systèmes de contrôle de compactage

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DCA is an abbreviation of Dynapac Compaction Analyzer. It registers all the CMV data and allows the operator to see the compaction results on the computer screen. On the basis of experience or an existing calibration, the CMV limiting value can be used for each separate compaction job. The DCA will then indicate precisely which areas require additional compaction. The computer gives the operator a graphic image of the completed compaction work. Variations in CMV are shown as different colours on the surface and it is therefore easy to identify weaker areas and take the requisite action. In most cases it is sufficient to make additional runs over an area to achieve satisfactory compaction, but some areas may need to be improved by excavating poor material and replacing it with new material.

The DCA unit is portable and the measurement results can therefore be taken into the office and studied. It is also easy to transfer the measurement data to a standard PC by means of a memory card so that it can be permanently stored.

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