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Servicetool BODAS Tools

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Paver Generation 2011 diagnostic tools

Kit includes all tools required to carry out adjustments or software updates on the drive controller, remote controls, screed controller, display and master module.

BB3 Handheld or other cables are not compatible with new Generation Pavers.

If BODAS SERVICE is already in use, it is possible to order additional cables to use on the generation 2011 (note Update BODAS Software). The BODAS-service PC Software provides a convenient and user-friendly method of executing service functions for the Rexroth Control Units RC.

It is used to set parameters, diagnostic configuration, display errors and process parameters utilizing a user-friendly interface. It is used also to upload application software onto BODAS Controllers RC.

All product versions of BODAS-service include also the Setup of BODEM 25 (former BODAS version) and FT2 (Flash tool).

The requested function will be released with the corresponding USB-Hardlock.

BODAS program updates can be found on the Internet under www.boschrexroth.com/mobile-electronics under the header “BODAS-Tools”.

With the USB-Interface 4812027179 and the connection cable D500080328 it is also possible to program the remote controls and screed-controller. The software MCan2Flash will be provided by MOBA and can be ordered via the Dynapac Service.

If the BODAS service tool is already in use the connection cable D5000803228, the adapter D977473253 and the USB-Interface cable 4812027179 can be ordered separately.

1 pcs: 4812 0349 05

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1 pcs 4812 0349 05