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Stage IV / TIER 4f

Any Dynapac product equipped with a Stage IV engine, is not only compliant with the latest emission stage but is also contributing to great fuel cost savings.

The Dynapac product range, equipped with a Stage IV engine, is not only compliant with the latest emission stage but is also contributing to great fuel cost savings. Adding to this it provides a better working environment. With the Stage IV engine, we have measured up to 11 tons (on pavers) of CO2 emission reduction per year. Fuel savings up to 4200 liters on a yearly basis is possible! 

Designed to house engines with emission stage IIIA, stage IIIB as well as stage IV, our large paver range can easily be upgraded to the latest technology without changing the smart design and operator comfort. All operating parameters, like visibility, remain the same, although we have a much bigger engine assembly with aftertreatment.

To reduce CO and HC a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) is placed in front of the Selective Catalytic Reducer (SCR) in the exhaust stream. It converts NO into NO2.

The system features advanced sensors to provide a full closed loop control. The dosing levels of AdBlue, the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) are minimized due to enhanced mixing in the Decomposition Reactor Tube (DRT).

The SCR system is a copper zeolite based catalyst. It is capable of up to 80% NO conversion and able to operate more efficiently at lower temperatures. Due to an efficient particulate matter reduction you no longer need the particle filter. The DOC system is installed once and requires no further maintenance.