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23 Aug 2021

Highlighted news

The CEV IV Compliance.

From 1st April 2021, India will have to comply to the new CEV stage IV regulations for all Construction Equipment Vehicles. This is a welcome move! It’s indeed a radical change. This change is the gateway to Cleaner air, Greener environment and Smarter technology. It will bring in great sustainable environmental benefits. The new CEV IV engine technology. The solution comes with engines that have many electronic upgrades, through which machine could offer extensive communication interface. The new CEV stage IV engine with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) paired with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), offers excellent emission standards that has lower NOx emission as well as 90% lower particulate matters in the exhaust. Effectively, the air quality will improve so that everyone can breathe fresh & easy... 

From a definitive start and many significant intermittent stages after that, we have now reached to this stage. So, what is the background and origin of this path-breaking move? When & where it all started from?

Dynapac has come up with concept of “Cleaner, Greener, Smarter”!

We have extensive knowhow of implementing these solutions in Europe as well as North America and has capitalized on it while introducing Soil compactor, model CA305 and Tandem roller, model CC425 CEV stage IV with new features. We have packed our machines with special features like Smart fuel saving, Automatic vibration control, Digital LED color display, comfortable seat etc. Tandem roller CC425 is modified with attractive look and improved design to provide better visibility and comfort for the operator that will help customers to work efficiently.

We have two objectives in front of us –

  1. Targeting reduced emissions

  2. Reduce PM (Particulate Matter) emission by 90% and NOx (Oxides of Nitrogen – NO & NO2) by 80%

Other harmful elements we are trying to reduce are CO – Carbon Monoxide and HC – Unburned Hydrocarbons. Our main focus would be on few ‘After Treatment Systems’ which are briefly described below…

Exhaust Gas Recirculation: EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. This dilutes oxygen in the incoming air stream and act as a absorbent of combustion heat to reduce peak temperature in cylinder.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst: DOC is a device that consists of a canister containing a honeycomb like structure or substrate. The substrate has a large surface area that is coated with an active catalyst layer made of Palladium and Platinum (Catalytic Converter).

  • As the exhaust gases traverse the catalyst oxidation occurs. 
  • Oxidation catalysts can reduce more than 90% of the CO and HC emissions. 

Selective Catalytic Reduction: SCR is a simple after treatment system which converts NOx in the exhaust stream into harmless gases.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or AdBlue: is a non-toxic solution of purified water (67%) and Urea (33%). DEF from a storage tank is injected into the exhaust stream, and the exhaust and finely atomized DEF enter the SCR catalyst chamber together.

Encouraging upgradation to CEV Stage IV

These innovations will ask for higher investment, but this will come with many added technical advantages and will ensure desired results in reduced carbon footprint & cleaner environment. To support our customers, Dynapac is already running many projects in India with annual maintenance contract to ensure better uptime as well as long machine lifetime. The design also focuses on upgradation. It is in terms of common/interchangeable parts on CEV stage IV machines so that the unit does not need additional parts stock for fleet owners. Dynapac machines are built to last and hence we try to offer our machines a second life, so we will support customers who would like to upgrade their BSII or BSIII machines with our new CEV stage IV machines.

No wonder why we were amongst the first ones to embrace this change. Because at Dynapac, we are always at the forefront of imagining the future and bringing in sea-changes & innovations that truly matter in the long term. Moreover, we have the world-wide experience of accepting the new developments and updating our range of products according to it. We have already adopted CEV IV compliances to a few of our star performers in the category of Soil Compactors, Tandem Rollers & Pavers.