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Dynapac India’s CA385D soil compactor for big jobs

23 Feb 2021


Compact Fast. Compact Perfect.

Dynapac 385D 13 Ton soil compactor delivers all your compaction needs with higher static linear load that help you execute even the toughest compaction applications.

How dynapac help compactor owners turn a profit?

It starts with its high productivity where it comes up with a static linear load of 39 kg/cm & a drum shell thickness of 35 mm to fulfill high compaction requirements. In terms of engineering expertise CA 385D offers cartridge design drum eccentrics for high reliability & lower maintenance cost which in turn minimizes costs after the purchase. Higher centrifugal forces ensure more compaction depth and will ensure compaction density in less passes,in less time.

CA 385D is powered with KOEL engine & an advanced hydraulic system to deliver high efficiency & low fuel consumption.

Why Dynapac compactor?

30% increased productivity with a saving of 30% per m³. The CA 385D is a proven Dynapac design that gives you the quality, reliability, and safety to tackle any compaction activity.