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Embracing Nature’s Gift: Uniting for a greener and sustainable tomorrow through tree plantation

28 Jun 2023


Dynapac India based at Phulgaon, Pune had the opportunity to host the team from FRED Leadership Training Program with managers from eight countries in Pune India during June 4 - 9, 2023. During their visit to our plant we joined hands with our local school in Phulgaon Village to undertake a tree plantation drive within the school premises. The initiative was designed to raise awareness about the pressing need for environmental preservation among the children at the school as well as to show Fayat groups focus on environmental preservation.

The collaborative effort between DYNAPAC team, school and all FRED Academy participants yielded a meaningful display of community engagement. Together, they planted a number of trees, symbolizing their collective dedication to a greener and more sustainable future. Dynapac India as member of worldwide Fayat Group, showcased their determination to lead by example in creating a more sustainable world. This event was also reported in local marathi newspaper

Dynapac India stands for CLEARNER-GREENER-SMARTER future!