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Maximizing customer benefit with Dynapac Annual Maintenance Contracts

02 Nov 2022

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Dynapac is strongly committed to create customer value and be a trustworthy partner for businesses on the road ahead. We are supporting multiple companies on their journey towards better safety, productivity & profitability. We help you to reach your target with optimizing our equipment performances and deliver uptime through a committed team of our service technicians. 

Over the years, Dynapac has sold number of large Asphalt pavers and rollers for India’s prestigious highways and expressway constructions. These units have been working on a time bound project time plan requiring top productivity and high quality paving results. We are offering Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for these demanding sites helping clients to complete their projects ahead of a schedule.

Recently, we have completed two major highway projects –

Customer – GR Infra Projects Ltd       Site- Guli, Andhra Pradesh 
Customer- KCC Buildcon Ltd               Site – Bandikui – Pinan, Rajasthan

A.  GR Infra – Guli Site Project in Andhra Pradesh

GR Infra projects began the work to convert the Gundugolanu – Devarapalli – Kovvuru section of NH16 into a four-lane road from 15.32 km to 85.20 km. The total design length was 69.88 km. The road in Andhra Pradesh is under the Bharatmala Pariyojana of National Highway Authority of India on Hybrid Annuity Mode.

The project was started on 9th March 2019 and was successfully completed within three years on 19th March 2022. During this project we paved over 1.5 million tons of asphalt and wet mix.

Dynapac Fleet: -

Dynapac’s scope of work under the agreement was to provide technical guidance and supervision while maintaining the equipment deployed at the Guli (GUNDUGOLANU – DEVRAPALLI) project.

SD2530CS – Track Paver - 3 nos.
CC425- Tandem Rollers- 2 nos.
A305 - Soil Compactor - 7 nos.
CP275- Pneumatic tire roller (PTR) - 2 nos.

Application insights: -  

Model Application Working Width Thickness
SD2530CS WMM (Wet Mix Macadam) 7.5m - 9.7m, on Service Road & Main carriage 130-150mm
SD2530CS DBM (Dense Bituminous Macadam) 7m- 9m, on Service Road & Main carriage 80-90mm
BC (Bituminous Concrete) 9m on Main carriage 50-60mm
SD2530CS DBM (Dense Bituminous Macadam) 7m- 9m, on Service Road & Main carriage 80-90mm
BC (Bituminous Concrete) 9m on Main carriage 50-60mm

For smooth operations, our team also deployed two service engineers trained by the company, and GRIL provided semi-skilled and unskilled manpower for maintenance. We also deployed one dedicated service vehicle.

Dynapac has supervised and conducted technical guidance for Preventive & Scheduled maintenance services as per our company procedure. Backed by our high-tech solutions, we could assure a minimum of 90% uptime at the site. Our one Paver SD2530CSH, offered 90% availability with paving record of 5,08,809 Metric Ton, Second DBM Paver ensured 88% availability with 5,41,852 Metric-Ton and Third DBM Paver offered 92% availability with paving of 4,10,680 Metric Ton.

Our engineering team was involved in checking the conditions of various filtration systems and ensuring replacements when necessary. The team also consistently checked the display units for error codes and resolved the same without delays. 

Monthly review meetings between Dynapac Engineers and project site manager ensured  great cooperation with the project teams and continuous monitoring of performance.

“Dynapac AMC program reduced the maintenance cost by periodic monitoring and inspection of equipment which in turn reduced costly repairs. In this project, we got full support from the service team” says Mahendra Agarwal, Director, GR Infra Projects Limited)

B.  KCC Buildcon Limited – Package No. 5 & 6, Mumbai – Delhi greenfield project in state of Rajasthan

Dynapac provided technical guidance and supervision of maintenance jobs for Dynapac equipment deployed at the project site at Bandikui-Pinan in Rajasthan. The project involved a new 8-lane road in the green field project, Expressway package 5 and 6. . During this project we paved over 0.6 million tons of asphalt and wet mix.

Dynapac Fleet: -

Dynapac had two pavers and 13 ton soil compactor deployed at the site.

SD2530CS Paver - 2 nos.
CA385D - 4 nos.

Application Insights:

Model Application Working Width Thickness
SD2530CS WMM (Wet Mix Macadam), 7m - 9.7m, on Service Road & Main carriage 250 mm
DBM (Dense Bituminous Macadam), 50-100 mm
SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) 50-100 mm
SD2530CS WMM (Wet Mix Macadam), 7m - 9.7m, on Service Road & Main carriage 250 mm
DBM (Dense Bituminous Macadam), 50-100 mm
SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt) 50-100 mm

The application on working width for the pavers was WMM, DBM- 1st layer, 2nd Layer, SMA 9.7 m for the main carriage and 7 m for the rest of the area. The layer thickness was between 50 to 100 mm in DBM/SMA. In WMM, the layer thickness was about 250 mm.

The team ensured technical guidance for periodic maintenance and scheduled breakdown services as per Dynapac’s procedures. Our team also assured that pavers would serve a minimum of 95% uptime at the site. Uptime is calculated minus the regular maintenance time and the idle time due to non-availability of work or labour. The WMM, DBM, and SMA Paver, SD2530CS worked for a total of 2540 hours with 98.14% availability. The material paved includes 2,34,474 Metric ton-WMM and 76,170 Metric ton-DBM/SMA. Similarly, another paver worked for 2880 hours with a 95% availability. The material paved includes 2,16,073 Metric ton - WMM and 89,798 Metric ton-DBM/SMA.

Our expert team recommended the correct operations, maintenance and planning of scheduled services. As a result, we could monitor the operator's performance and offer training while the KCCBPL maintenance staff was responsible for implementing the recommendations. Our team also ensured ample stock of fast-moving parts for scheduled maintenance and planned repairs at site. 

Our team communicated highly efficiently about the regular maintenance jobs in advance with the required tools and workforce. KCCBPL’s team helped complete the tasks in time.

The pavers supported the road project and ensured optimum performance and productivity for the job at hand.

“Dynapac Annual Maintenance program is very helpful for preventive maintenance. This program reduced the breakdown time and increased the reliability of machine. Strong after sales service support is provided by Dynapac in this project” adds Shivraj Kundu, Managing Director, KCC Buildcon PVT. LTD.

At Dynapac, we’ve always been proud of executing AMCs with the best of teams, equipment and technologies. These two recently completed projects are a testimony to our excellent efforts and our team’s dedication.

Dynapac is already executing similar contracts and looking forward to take up many more AMC projects in the future.

We are committed to our brand promise of “Your Partner On The Road Ahead”

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