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Sustainable future with electric paving - The SD1800W e

17 Aug 2023

Press release, Story, Paving

The world's first electric CityPaver goes to its first construction site with Dynapac's customer Van Gelder and has to prove itself in its first real operation. We have been watching the Dynapac team and the customers - Will everything work? Will the battery last? Does the machine work as well as its diesel version? Take a look for yourself!

The SD1800W e electric city paver is the perfect choice for job site confidence and maximum uptime. With its 98kWh lithium-ion battery, 55kW 3-phase electric motor, and advanced leveling systems, this paver offers optimum performance and exceptional results. Its maintenance-free electric drive and need for minimal daily checks allow for low cost of ownership, making it a cost-efficient choice.

What's more, the absence of exhaust fumes makes it ideal for urban areas, and its low noise levels and reduced vibration ensure operator comfort. Plus, with its state-of-the-art battery pack offering charging speeds up to 80kW, you can get back to work in no time.

The SD1800W e not only ensures high-quality paving results, but also has a more beneficial impact on the environment and the surrounding. Zero emissions and reduced noise levels make for a safer construction site.

Equip yourself with the best in class electric city paver and enjoy job site confidence, high productivity, maximum uptime, low cost of ownership, high quality results, and environment/sustainability – all at once.