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The construction of dual-track railway in northern Thailand

16 Nov 2023

Construction of a new dual-track railway in northern Thailand

The scope of the project

The “Den Chai - Chiang Rai - Chiang Khong Dual-Track Railway” project spans a combined distance of 323.10 km, connecting four northern Thailand provinces -- Phrae, Phayao, Lampang, and Chiang Rai -- with a total of 26 train stations and stops. This new railway transport system will facilitate the transport of agricultural goods, especially temperature-sensitive produces, between Laos and the People's Republic of China. There will be four container yards (CY) and freight handling areas along the route, and a freight interchange hub near the border. The construction of the project also involve tunnel excavation. The longest tunnel ever excavated in Thailand, with a length of 6.2 km, is located in Ngao District, Lampang Province.

Dynapac and Metro Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd (MEC) were selected to participate in the construction of substructure, particularly soil compaction. Our partner in Thailand, Metro Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd (MEC) provides Dynapac equipment in addition to sub contractual services in earthworks and architectural construction. A fleet of Dynapac rollers were deployed to the jobsite and operators training on usage and maintenance was provided.

A valued partnership

“As the CEO of Metro Engineering & Machinery Co., Ltd (MEC), I am incredibly proud and excited to be part of the momentous project to support the development of the dual-track railway in Thailand. MEC has always been dedicated to providing high-quality construction equipment and machinery, and our collaboration with Dynapac , a globally renowned name in road compaction, reinforces our commitment to excellence. We understand the vital role infrastructure plays in a nation's progress, and we are thrilled to contribute to the growth of Thailand's transportation network. This partnership not only reflects our dedication to innovation but also underscores our determination to play a significant role in bolstering the country's infrastructure. Together with Dynapac, MEC is well-positioned” said Mr. Anuwat Burapachaisri, President of MEC.

Machine requirements

The Dynapac CA30D soil roller provides multiple benefits for construction and road-building projects. Its efficient soil compaction enhances the load-bearing capacity and stability of the ground, speeding up project completion and reducing long-term maintenance costs. Its versatility, operator comfort features, and environmental advantages make it a valuable tool for various construction applications, ultimately contributing to the success and sustainability of infrastructure projects. The Dynapac CP275 is a versatile asphalt roller designed for compacting asphalt surfaces in road construction and maintenance projects. Its benefits include excellent compaction performance, precise control over temperature and vibration settings, and operator-friendly features, such as a spacious cab and advanced controls. This machine can achieve uniform and durable asphalt compaction, leading to smoother and longer-lasting road surfaces while enhancing operator comfort and productivity.

In a Dual Track project in Thailand, where both soil compaction and asphalt surface quality are critical, the Dynapac CA30D and CP275 machines prove to be valuable assets. The CA30's efficient soil compaction capabilities help create a stable foundation, reducing the risk of settlement and long-term maintenance needs. Meanwhile, the CP275 offers precise control over asphalt compaction, leading to smoother and more durable road surfaces. Both machines contribute to project efficiency and the sustainability of the infrastructure, while operator-friendly features ensure comfort and productivity. These advantages make Dynapac CA30D and CP275 ideal choices for Dual Track projects in Thailand. The project was conceived to become a logistics hub for the region, facilitating commute, economics, commerce, and investments between Thailand, Laos, and China; a network of transportation known as the Greater Mekong Subregion North-South Economic Corridor (GMS NSEC). This will boost tourism and employment opportunities, as well as improving the livelihood for people in the upper northern provinces.