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Eco mode

Big fuel savings with ECO!

ECO Mode
Dynapac is proud to announce that we have fulfilled our promise to offer customers soil and asphalt rollers with very low fuel consumption. The secret is our ECO Mode.

We closely monitored the fuel consumption of the newer Dynapac product ranges. As a result, we can now confirm that in ECO Mode, all the rollers consume 15–20% less diesel fuel than our previous range without ECO Mode.

Dynapac is one of the first manufacturers to equip its rollers with latest emission stages with very low emissions. The entire range of the new CA, CC and CG rollers have engines of this type.

Green rollers
When using the ECO-system the percentile saving is higher during compaction than during idling and transportation. Combine the 15-20% fuel savings with biodegradable hydraulic oil and very low noise levels and the result is “green” rollers.

Customers who choose the traction/performance package „Anti-spin & ECO“ (on soil compactors) will have ECO Mode included. ECO Mode always comes with adjustable vibration frequency and a frequency meter.

How did we reduce the fuel consumption so much?
The answer is hard work both with major components and with small details. Here are some examples:

  • Double pump vibration system
  • Reduced number of hydraulic hose fittings
  • Proportional control of cooler fan speed with regards to engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures
  • Automatic idling of the diesel engine revolutions after 10 seconds in neutral