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CC142C Combi rollers

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  • Dimensions
Drum width 1,300 mm
Wheel module width 1,275 mm
Drum diameter 802 mm
Drum shell thickness 16 mm
Height, with ROPS 2,750 mm
Height, without ROPS 1,855 mm
Length, with ROPS 2,725 mm
Length, without ROPS 2,725 mm
Width, with ROPS 1,450 mm
Width, without ROPS 1,400 mm
Discontinued true
The CC142C is a typical ”town roller” for compacting asphalt compounds on streets, parking lots and industrial sites. The capacity for this type of work is adequate for following a smaller-size surface finisher. This combi version is also intended for minor paving jobs on low-traffic asphalt areas where a level and attractive surface structure is desired. Typical workplaces—in addition to sidewalks and bicycle trails—are therefore parks, golf courses and sports fields.
Operating Mass: 3,750 kg
Static linear load: 14.8 kg/cm
Compaction width: 1,300 mm

Technical data

Max. operating mass 3,900 kg
Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 3,750 kg
Module mass (front/rear) 1,930 kg/ 1,820 kg
Speed range (Dual/TC/AS) 0-10
Max. theoretical gradeability 43 %
Manufacturer/Model Deutz D2011 L03 I
Type Air cooled diesel
Rated power, SAE J1995 34 kW (45 hp ) @ 2,600 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 50 l
Alternative Engine
Rated power [engine 2, rpm] rpm
Hydraulic system
Driving Axial piston pump with variable displacement and servo.
Radial piston motors (3) with constant displacement.
Vibration Gear pump/motors with constant displacement.
Steering Gear pump with constant displacem.
Service brake Hydrostatic in forward and reverse lever.
Parking/Emergency brake Failsafe multidisc on drum and wheel motors.

Service Kits

Back up alarm kit
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Combi rollers 4812115257 BACK UP ALARM
Rotating beacon kit
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Combi rollers 4812115254 ROTATING BEACON WHEN ROPS
Seat belt kit
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Combi rollers 4812115298 SEAT BELT 2" FOR ROPS
Combi rollers 4700391656 SMV (SLOW MOVING VEHICLE) SIGN
Spring loaded scrapers kit
Category Subcategory P/N Additional info  
Combi rollers 4700376880 SPRING LOADED SCRAPERS (CC1100)
Combi rollers 4700376889 SPRING LOADED SCRAPERS (CC1100C)

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