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Dynapac CA30PD Rhino

Dynapac CA30PD Rhino Single drum vibratory rollers

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A. Wheelbase 2990 mm
B1. Width, front 2256 mm
B2. Width, rear 2130 mm
D. Drum diameter 1694 mm
H1. Height, with ROPS/cab 2890 mm
H2. Height, w/o ROPS/cab 2400 mm
K1. Ground clearance 460 mm
K2. Curb clearance 460 mm
L. Length 5560 mm
O1. Overhang, right 63 mm
O2. Overhang, left 63 mm
P. Pad height 102 mm
R1. Turning radius, outside 5650 mm
R2. Turning radius, inside 3255 mm
S. Drum shell thickness 20 mm
W. Drum width 2130 mm
α. Steering angle ±38°
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The CA30PD is a vibratory roller designed for compaction operations in pipe trenches, on road shoulders and in cramped spaces in connection with refilling work. The roller is also suitable for repair work on dams, power stations, parking lots and airfields. The smooth drum version with drum drive (D) gives good maneuverability even on very steep slopes.
Operating Mass: 11,800 kg
Static linear load: N/A
Compaction width: N/A

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Dynapac Efficiency Eccentrics
Efficiency Eccentrics

‘Efficiency Eccentrics’ save energy and fuel in Dynapac rollers!

Technical data

Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 11,800 kg
Operating mass (incl. Cab) 11,900 kg
Operating mass (incl. Canopy) 11,700 kg
Module mass (front/rear) 7000/4900 kg
Max. operating mass 12,000 kg
Speed range:
Single Speed/Dual Speed/Traction Control
8 / 8 / 11 km/h
Vertical oscillation ±9º
Number of pads 130
Pad area 146 cm2
Manufacturer/Model Cummins QSF3.8 (IIIA/T3)
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Rated power, SAE J1995 97 kW (130 hp) @ 2500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 280 l
Electrical system 12 V
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Cummins 4BT3.9-102C (I/T1)
Type Water cooled Diesel
Rated power, SAE J1995 76 kW (102 hp) @ 2300 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 280 l
Electrical system 12 V
Hydraulic system
Driving Hydrostatic
Vibration Hydrostatic
Steering Hydrostatic
Service brake Hydrostatic in forward and reverse lever.
Parking/Emergency brake Failsafe multidisc brake in rear axle and front drum motor.

Operations & maintenance manuals

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Equipment (Standard and options)


■ 12 V outlet (IIIA/T3 only)
■ Amplitude, dual
■ AVC Automatic Vibration Control
■ Back-up alarm
■ Battery switch
■ Brake release
■ Emergency stop
■ Filler caps lockable
■ Fuel level gauge
■ Fuel tank drainage
■ Hood, lockable
■ Horn
■ Hour meter
■ Hydraulic check-points
■ Interlock
■ Lifting points
■ Neutral start arrangement
■ Operator's platform
■ vibration dampened
■ Operator's seat
■ adjustable forward&reverse
■ Operator's station
■ fixed
■ Parking brake
■ Rear axle Limited slip (Single & Dual Speed)
■ Rear axle No-spin (Traction Control)
■ Scraper
■ fixed steel
■ smooth (high mounted)
■ Seat belt 2", (not Open Platform)
■ Service indicators/warnings
■ Storage box on operator's platform
■ Tie-down points
■ Tool boxes
■ integrated in fenders
■ User's instructions
■ one set
■ Vandal cover (over instrument panel)
■ Vibration quick-stop


■ 50 hours Service kit
■ Bolt-on padfoot shell
■ CA25D/30D
■ Compaction Meter (CMV)
■ with tilt & gradeability indicator
■ Extra set of user's instruction
■ First aid box
■ Lights
■ driving
■ left hand traffic
■ right hand traffic
■ Operator's seat
■ adjustable comfort
■ Operator's station
■ rotating
■ Radio with MP3 (Cab)
■ Rear view mirrors
■ traffic view
■ Remote monitoring
■ Dyn@Link
■ Rotating beacon
■ fixed steel
■ smooth (low mounted)
■ Scrapers (dual), flexible
■ smooth (low mounted)
■ Scrapers
■ fixed steel, pads
■ Speedometer including pass counter
■ Tool set

Compaction data


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