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CP1200W Kubota Pneumatic tire rollers

  • Pictures
  • Dimensions
A. Wheelbase 2.760 mm
B. Width 2.057 mm
B1. Width 2.090 mm
H1. Height, with ROPS/cab 2.935 mm
H2. Height, w/o ROPS/cab 2.210 mm
K. Ground clearance 268 mm
L. Length 3.690 mm
R. Turning radius, outside 7.090 mm
Discontinued false
Operating Mass: 5,550 kg
Static linear load: N/A
Compaction width: N/A

Technical data

Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 5,550 kg
Operating mass (incl. Cab) 5,850 kg
Mass with max. ballast 12,200 kg
Transmission Hydrostatic, direct drive motors at rear tyres
Speed range 0 - 18 km/h
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V3307 (STG V)
Rated power, SAE J1995 55 kW (74 hp) @ 2.200 rpm
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 215 l
Electrical system 12 V
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V3307 (Stage IIIA/Tier 3)
Rated power, SAE J1995 55 kW (74 hp) @ 2.200 rpm
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Hydraulic system
Service brake Hydrost. braking on drive wheels (rear)
Parking/Emergency brake Spring - applied on drive wheels (rear)

Equipment (Standard and options)


■ Arm rest, Backup alarm
■ Battery switch
■ Documentation (Manuals - one set)
■ Emergency stop
■ Fuel level display
■ Horn, Hour meter
■ Hydraulic check points
■ Hydraulic oil lever indicator
■ Interloc system
■ Key master and start
■ Lifting and tiedown eyes
■ Mirrors (process view)
■ Neutral start arrangement
■ Parking brake
■ Pressurized sprinkler system
■ Seat with suspension
■ Sliding and swiveling operator unit
■ Sprinkler system, Sprinkler timer
■ Single scrapers
■ Speedometer, Tachometer display
■ Towing eyelet (rear)
■ Warning – Air cleaner
■ Warning – Brake, Warning – Clogged hydraulic oil filter
■ Warning – Engine temperature
■ Warning – Engine oil pressure
■ Warning – Hydraulic fluid temperature
■ Warning – Low charge, Warning – Low fuel level
■ Working lights LED (front/rear)

Compaction data

AsphaltComp infoAsphaltComp info1658ACbaseC25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACbase_CAsphalt concrete, base course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, base course1658ACbaseN25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACbase_NAsphalt concrete, base course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, base course1658ACbindC25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACbind_CAsphalt concrete, binder course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, binder course1658ACbindN25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACbind_NAsphalt concrete, binder course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, binder course1658ACsurfC25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACsurf_CAsphalt concrete, surface course; CrushedAsphalt concrete, surface course1658ACsurfN25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200ACsurf_NAsphalt concrete, surface course; NaturalAsphalt concrete, surface course1658PAC25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200PA_CPorous asphalt; CrushedPorous asphalt1658SMAC25off470.82017-08-15 15:14:28Dynapac CP1200SMA_CStone mastic asphalt; CrushedStone mastic asphalt204060801001000pdfwebtable

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