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Dynapac D.ONE

Dynapac D.ONE Utility rollers

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A. Wheelbase 1000 mm
D. Drum diameter 520 mm
H. Height 1275 mm
K. Ground clearance 197 mm
L. Length 1897 mm
S. Drum shell thickness 16 mm
W. Drum width 850 mm
W1. Drum width 610 mm
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All time connectivity to maximize productivity

D.ONE is built with a remote control technology that maximizes the uptime and ensures hassle free operation. The radio remote control enables barrier free and long range connectivity. Thus, you can focus on the compaction job rather than struggling to stay connected even in deep trenches with shoring.

The radio controlled remote technology is not sensitive to weather conditions and can work trouble free in conditions with extreme sunlight.

All the machine functions including engine start-stop can be activated from the remote control eliminating the hassle of walking down the trench to re-start the equipment.

Technology to maximize performance

D.ONE delivers superior compaction quality using the directed oscillator technology. This vibratory system in the front and the rear drums provide a choice of high and low amplitude vibration. In combination with Automatic Vibration Control, AVC – a feature that regulates the speed & vibration, the trench roller ensures excellent results in cohesive soil.

AZS for safety

Active Zone System (AZS) stops the equipment if it gets too close to the operator. Unintentional or accidental operation of other equipment in the vicinity is avoided by the foolproof remote control technology.

Maximum returns

Detachable drum extensions are a standard feature that let’s you use the same equipment in tighter spaces.

Smooth drum attachment gives you the flexibility to take up special jobs without investing on a complete new equipment.

Maximum savings

ECOmode operation keeps the diesel costs in check by regulating the engine speed.

Maintenance free articulated joint avoids the need for daily lubrication lowering the running cost during the life time.

Minimum repair costs

On-board diagnostics facilitates fast trouble shooting reducing the labor costs

Fully enclosed exciter housing with heavy duty hydraulics maximizes the life time of the vibratory system.

*Scope of supply differs by variants

Operating Mass: 1,595 kg
Static linear load: N/A
Compaction width: N/A

Technical data

Operating mass 1,595 kg
Basic mass 1,585 kg
Axle load, avg. 798 kg
Speed 1, forward / reverse 1.2 km/h
Speed 2, forward / reverse 2.8 km/h
Max. gradeability without vibr. 55 %
Max. gradeability with vibr. 45 %
Manufacturer/Model Kohler KDW 1003
Rated power, ISO 3046 12.80 kW @ 2,600 rpm
Number of cylinders 3
Fuel tank capacity 24 l
Fuel consumption /h, avg. 3.2 l
Emissions according to Stage V
Type Water cooled, diesel

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Equipment (Standard and options)


■ Hydrostatic articulated steering
■ Radio/ cable remote control
■ Active Zone System
■ Drum extension (610/850 mm)
■ Dual directed-vibration system
■ Two travel speed ranges
■ Two amplitudes
■ Two scrapers per drum
■ Automatic vibration control
■ Ecomode
■ Automatic shutdown at low oil level
■ Automatic engine shut down at a lateral tipping angle of 45°
■ Electric starter
■ Heavy-duty protection hood
■ One point lift


■ Special hydraulic oil
■ Smooth drum (-45 kg Amplitude 1.59/0.86 mm)
■ Portable charger for remote control battery
■ Adjustable scrapers 610/850 mm
■ Service Kit