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SB1250TV Screeds

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  • Dimensions
Basic width 3.00 m
Working width, minimum (with reducing shoe) 2.10 m
Working width, hydraulic extendable m
Working width, max. 16.00 m
Width (sole plate) 0.35 m
For fixed working widths to be laid over long distances the SB1250TV is the ideal choice. At a basic width of 3,0m this screed allows to be widened up to 13,5 m and at least 16,0 m using hard boxes of different sizes available. A tamper together with a dual vibration, which can be used separately or in combination, is the guarantee for best results in compaction. Hydraulically extendable end parts can be used for matching different working widths when laying. The SB1250TV is also available with electrical screed heating.
Mass, basic width: 2,400 kg
Basic paving width: 3.00 m
Min. paving width: 2.10 m
Max. paving width: 16.00 m

Technical data

Mass (basic width) 2,400 kg
Crown profile -2% to +3%
Tamper frequency 26 Hz
Vibration frequency 60 Hz


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