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Partnering up for more Z.ERA performance

21 Jun 2023

Comunicado de imprensa, História, Compactação

Partners in sustainable performance 

Together, Dynapac and Skanska brought all their combined expertise and engineering passion to the table for the development of the Z.ERA CC900 e tandem vibratory roller. Two years and zero emissions later, we had a look at how it has been received by Skanska personnel.

Dynapac’s commitment to developing electrically powered machines already goes back over a decade. With the new Z.ERA CC900 e, the journey towards a zero-emission construction site has been taken one step further. Developed in cooperation with the global contractor Skanska, the Z.ERA CC900 e provides all the power and reliability of conventional tandem rollers while offering contractors and operators the numerous advantages of new mobility systems.

Charge and change your view

As the latest model in its zero-emission roller portfolio, the Z.ERA CC900 e offers optimal and reliable power combined with fast and convenient charging. This was put to the test during its deployment with Skanska workers during their comprehensive use of the machine. Charging was effortless and quickly done in several public and easy-to-reach locations such as gas stations and local charging ports. Skanska workers were also impressed with its power which they reported was equal to that of its diesel cousin with no differences in compaction end results. This included the long operational time thanks to its powerful battery as well as the convenient loading and unloading of the machine. 

“The battery lasts longer than expected. We didn't think it would perform that long before it ran out. And we really pushed it to its limits last winter. Then we compacted almost 100 tons but only needed to charge it while having lunch basically. We think it's fantastic.” - Skanska operator.

Mission accomplished without emissions.

The Z.ERA CC900 e weighs in at 1.7 tons and has an operating width of 0.9 meters. Its double-drum vibratory roller has been designed to satisfy the specific demands of both utility contractors and rental fleet operators while delivering the same linear load, amplitude, frequency, and travel speed as the diesel-powered model it is based on. Aside from its zero-emission performance, the Z.ERA CC900 e offers greatly reduced noise levels and maintenance checks resulting from its battery-powered operation. Its user-friendliness and easy operations were especially appreciated. These aspects and more made the Z.ERA CC900 e a popular choice at Skanska for a number of jobs.

Dynapac and Skanska are happy to be setting new performance and sustainability standards with the Z.ERA CC900 e and look forward to a cleaner and more productive future.