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EB75-E Plus Mesas

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  • Dimensões
Largura básica 3 m
Largura de trabalho, mín. (com sapata de redução) 2,50 m
Largura de trabalho, com extensão hidráulica 6 m
Largura de trabalho, máxima 9 m
Width (sole plate) 0,35 m
Discontinued true
With a basic width of 3,0 m the rugged construction of the telescopic high compaction screed EB75-E Plus ensures a high degree of stability essential for paving widths of up to 9,0 metres. The EB75-E Plus can be extended hydraulically to 6,0 m. Extension boxes of 750 mm width offer the opportunity of laying 6,0 to 9,0 m in a continuous variable way of adjusting. Controls for the screed heating system together with the tamper speed potentiometer are housed within a conveniently located lockable enclosure. Optionally equipment like vibration speed potentiometer together with digital display for tamper and vibrator speed is being offered.
Largura básica de pavimentação: 3 m
Esp. Máx. Pavimentação: 9 m
Espes. Máx. Camada: N/A
Capac. Teór. de Descarga: N/A

Características técnicas

Peso (largura básica) 4.540 kg
Elementos de compactação Tamper bar and compaction plus secondary compaction unit
Declividade -2% to +4%
Frequência do tamper 25 Hz
Frequência de vibração 60 Hz


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