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Success in Scandinavia

The spring of 2018 has been a hectic and fantastic period for Dynapac Compaction Equipment AB, in Scandinavia. The company has participated in two major industry trade shows: “Vej & Anlegg” which was held in Oslo, Norway in early May, and “Svenska Mässan” held in Stockholm, Sweden in early June. Both trade shows are of the largest and most tone-setting events in Scandinavia, and Dynapac can proudly say that we left our mark in many ways.

Similar to all of the other trades shows and branding events that Dynapac has participated in since the acquisition by Fayat, Dynapac has dazzled with its new colours, quality products and stylish design. A proven winning combination.

The numbers alone are impressive. Whilst the population in Sweden and Norway are not extremely large, the two trade shows were able to attract more than 21,000 people. The stylish booths and set-up were filled at all times during these shows – a significant indicator that the newly-branded Dynapac machines are of great interest on the market.

A rare and exciting action happened at the event in Stockholm.

DLBCK, and long-time customer with an impressive fleet of Dynapac rollers, showed up on the last day of Svenska Mässan in Stockholm, with their own decals. A CA1500 soil roller as well as a CA1300 soil roller machines were purchased “on the spot”. The machines were labelled, and shipped directly to the DLBCK on the last day of the event…..a clear measurement of success of an event.