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A proud owner of a large fleet of Dynapac rollers

20 Feb 2018

It was a typical sunny day in Sweden when we had the opportunity to speak with Wille Törnkvist of Norrköpings Byggmaskiner AB to discuss his company’s relationship with Dynapac.

Byggmaskiner-gruppen Sverige AB is a moderately sized company that rents out construction machinery for road construction, such as compaction rollers, dumpers, and transporters. The company is 100% family-owned and driven by a keen sense of business, enthusiasm and a passion for its work and its industry. Norrköping Byggmaskiner AB has a turnover of approximately 60 MSEK. The company has offices in three different regions of Sweden, with its headquarters in Norrköping, approximately 200 km’s south of Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm.

Wille’s grandfather started the company in 1970, originally renting oil-driven energy generators for local needs. Shortly thereafter, Norrköping Byggmaskiner AB started focusing on the construction and road building industries. They have stayed there ever since.

“We rent and service construction equipment for compacting, digging, and transporting of construction material. That is what we do. Our passion is for compaction machinery, in particular Dynapac”, explains Wille. “I have 31 different types of compactors in my fleet, all of which are Dynapac machines. We have a fantastic history with Dynapac. The machines are reliable, easy to serve and are appreciated by our rental customers.”

What are the key factors? What makes Dynapac so great?

Wille explains that reliability of Dynapac’s quality and service are key factors. When I rent a machine to a customer, there is no room for disruptions. These are costly, for both my customers and my company. Another key factor that keeps me coming back to Dynapac when it is time for me to purchase a compactor, I want great service, easy access to spare parts and short delivery times. If I am kept waiting, then my customers are kept waiting. Every second matters.

Are there any particular features that you like on Dynapac rollers?

The greatest feature for me is most definitely Dyn@Link. Dynapac’s well-renowned telematics GPS communication system. With Dyn@Link, I can sit at my desk and monitor my fleet. I can see exactly where my machines are geographically.  I can also see vital information such as engine running hours. Dyn@Link also sends out notifications for service intervals that helps me run at a high efficiency and utilize my facilities and personnel to a maximum.

Wille has his personnel training at Scandinavian’s Customer Service Center in Karlskrona, Sweden. “It is important for my team to know our Dynapac machines, inside and out. Thanks to the great customer care program and training opportunities provided in Scandinavia, my team knows our Dynapac fleet, and we have a great relationship with the Scandinavian sales and service team as well.”

So what will your next Dynapac purchase be?

I can proudly say that I have just purchased one of the newest CC1200 generation VI asphalt rollers. It is of a robust design, and we will be the first company in our area in with the new Dynapac branding colours.

Who wants to come second? Not Byggmaskiner-gruppen Sverige AB, that is for sure.

Wille Törnkvist
Rental Warehouse Manager
Norrköpings Byggmaskiner AB

“A proud owner of a large Dynapac fleet”