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Breedon invests in Dynapac SD2500WS pavers with Paving Manager Pro

06 Apr 2020

In December 2019, UK-based Breedon Aggregates took delivery from Dynapac UK of three Dynapac SD2500WS wheeled pavers. Included in the package was Paving Manager Pro, advanced Dynapac software for process optimization. Drew Grimsley, Contracting General Manager at the Breedon Group: “We have had good experience with Dynapac equipment and we believe the Paving Manager Pro software will be of great assistance to us.” 

“We needed to replace our current ageing fleet that was becoming unreliable,“ says Drew Grimsley. “We already have a Dynapac SD2250C paver with a High Compaction screed, which we run at 9.7 metres, and two Dynapac CC1200 rollers, so we are familiar with Dynapac equipment. The new SD pavers have only been on site for a short time, but the initial feedback from the operators is that they are very quiet in operation and produce a good, uniform mat.”

He points out that, although cost and agreement flexibility were important factors in the decision initially, now Breedon has the Dynapac pavers on site, reliability, durability, quality, life-cycle costs, and customer support will all be very important.

Process optimization software

Dynapac’s Paving Manager Pro software, which was included in the equipment package, offers planning, real time monitoring, and analysis of the entire paving process.

Drew Grimsley: “It's early days yet, but from what we saw during the trials, Paving Manager Pro will assist us during the job planning phase, allow us to monitor the paving process in real time, and compare plan vs. actual. Based on information gained from Paving Manager Pro during trials we have already changed a few things in terms of truck logistics going forward.”

Paving Manager Pro offers valuable insights into the paving process

Logistics planning: The material requirements are specified and the number of trucks needed is calculated. The truck loads are optimally matched to the construction sequence and time schedules for mixing plants and truck drivers are determined. Downtimes for trucks and the construction site are minimized in advance.

Real time process monitoring: During the construction process, the mixing plants, trucks and the construction site are connected in real time and the target specifications are compared with actual performance. Deviations in material consumption, remaining quantities, but also delays in the takt times are immediately obvious. Actions can be taken quickly