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Charge and take charge: The Dynapac DFP5X e, DFP8X e & DFP9X e

06 Mar 2023

The three to know

All models offer exceptional performance for a wide range of paving situations. Their emission-free point of use makes them ideal for work- and jobsites in residential areas, or for indoor construction. The plates are built to meet the toughest construction machinery requirements. Their easy start/stop function offers greater operational ease while the simple battery plug-in/out, combined with a easy -charging and swappable battery unit, provides more convenience in any application.

Reduced maintainence with long term savings

With their all-electric drive, all electric plates bring significantly reduced routine maintenance and service costs to the table, which has a positive impact on return on investment and total cost of ownership. The all-electric drive also offers very good operational efficiency with no idle time compared to compared to the conventional machine.

Dynapac’s role in leading our industry to an carbon neutral future   

The Z.ERA program at Dynapac is helping accelerate our continual push towards an emission-free workplace in construction. This can be seen in the investment and further refinement of alternative fuels such as battery-driven engines and hydrogen power solutions. The initial phase of the program has focused on offering a product portfolio that is optimally suited for inner-city environment applications such as smaller road assignments like bicycle lanes and repair works.

Among the many benefits of alternative, energy-powered machines compared to their diesel counterparts are reduced carbon footprints, more savings resulting from diminished operational costs, and less wear & tear due to fewer fluids and moving parts. Additionally, operator comfort is heightened with lower noise levels and no exhaust fumes.

Dynapac offers battery-powered vibratory plates as well as an electric paver and electric tandem rollers.