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Dynapac MF2500CS subdues the Nürburgring!

29 Aug 2019

The Nürburgring, a well-known racetrack in Germany, was renewed since November 2018. Overall 4 million Euro were invested for the renovation of five sections – a total length of 3 km. Especially the section “Ex-Mühle” is famous in the racing world for its extreme slope. A challenge only the Dynapac MF2500CS with SwingApp dare to take.

The Nürburgring needed a refurbishment. To solve this challenging construction site, the building contractors Wurzel-Bau and Schnorpfeil founded a cooperation. To feed the pavers a high performance feeder, which is able to handle the challenging angle, was needed. The Dynapac MF2500CS with SwingApp, which was rented by ALTCON MIETPARK to Wurzel-Bau, was the only option for a jobsite at the limit like the Nürburgring. 

“This slope and bank was only feasible with the Dynapac Feeder!” was the consistent reaction on the construction site. Overall 1500 tons of binder- and 900 tons of top layer were paved. The binder layer was paved with a thickness of 6 cm and the top layer with 4 cm. The team from construction manager Frank Strick did a great job and renovated the sections in a double pave system within the set timelines. 

The Feeder was driven by an operator from ALTCON MIETPARK, who had never driven a feeder like this before. But after a short introduction by an experience Dynapac service engineer, he could start to feed immediately. He did a great job and had really fun to operate the powerful and convenient Dynapac MF2500CS. Because of the steep slope were even the lorry drivers at their limits since there were not able to drive uphill without support. But the Dynapac MF2500CS was able to support the trucks and pushed them up to the top.

After the work was done, the whole team were very satisfied with the Dynapac Feeder and the results. Overall was the construction site successfully solved by a team of well experienced companies, who dare to take the challenge: Wurzel-Bau, ALTCON MIETPARK & Dynapac.