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Dyn@Lyzer in action on Millau viaduct

14 Feb 2023

Dyn@Lyzer in action on the Millau Viaduct

Last September, Eiffage completed the new wearing course on the famous Millau Viaduct, one of the most impressive engineering structures. In order to guarantee a perfect quality, the use of a continuous compaction control system (CCC) was required by the client. Dynapac's Dyn@Lyzer system was therefore installed on three Dynapac double drum vibratory rollers, one CC4000VI, one CC4200VI and one CO4000VI). The compaction of the new wearing course on this structure was purely static. Despite having different vibration systems, all three machines have identical static linear load and consequently provide identical static compaction performance.

Two of the rollers are equipped with a 255° rotating seat providing improved safety and visibility, pedestrian detection cameras, red LED borders for night work as well as edge trimmers. These three latest generation compactors are convincing thanks to their ergonomics and operator friendly handling.

Dyn@Lyzer - a fully integrated CCC system

The Dyn@Lyzer system was introduced by Dynapac a few years ago and has undergone continuous development since the launch. The system delivers real-time collection of compaction data such as number of passes, mix temperature and Evib values.

The data is recorded and presented to the operator on a Tables located in the cab. This is connected to the front and rear temperature sensors as well as the Evib Compaction Meter. A GNSS antenna fixed on the roof enables precise positioning of the roller resulting in a plot that covers 100% of the compacted surface. This not only allows the values to be recorded in a compaction report, but also, as the data is in real time, allows the driver to see color-coded view of the status of his work. This makes it possible to react and compact sufficiently without over-compacting.

Quality assurance with Dyn@Lyzer

In a very clear way, the Dyn@Lyzer tablet visualizes the areas already compacted and those on which there are still passes to be made. This makes it possible to react immediately and take action before the mix cools down. In addition, at the end of the day, the quality control teams can generate a report on the work done and prove the quality of the teams' work.

Good for the planet and the wallet

Thanks to Dyn@Lyzer, the operator knows the exact number of passes that was made and if this meets the requirements. In addition, the system also presents the asphalt temperature and/or the corresponding) stiffness values helping the operator to optimize his work. He avoids extra passes, he saves time, he is more efficient and therefore less fuel is used.

Dyn@Lyzer and the future of compaction

The online version of Dyn@Lyzer is available allowing for real-time transmission of data to a server, thus allowing for easier processing. The next version will also allow multiple compactors, on the same layer, to communicate showing the combined compaction data on all machines simultaneously. Finally, a simplified version accessible on the AppStore/Google Play will be available to be loaded on a tablet and will allow to count the number of passes, to geotag them with the GPS of the tablet and to edit a report! The time-line for this option is yet to be decided.

Photo Credit: ©CEVM Eiffage/Foster&partners/MX Reflexion