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19 Feb 2024

No breathing space for our training staff at our modern training academy in Wardenburg/Germany 

Right at the beginning of the year, interested customers had the opportunity to find out about the latest trends and technologies in the field of using light equipment for compaction. We did a complete portfolio training of light compaction equipment with explanations of all options and features including hands-on training. The two-day training course focused primarily on practical experience.  

What updates and features are available for the current machines? Which machines have been added to the portfolio? Which machines are suitable for which area of application and can usefully supplement the existing fleet?  

Overall, there was great astonishment at how large the product range now is that Dynapac offers worldwide. The familiar products but now also the Z.ERA LE (Light Equipment) portfolio. The participants were impressed by how easy to use the new DR6X e is, compared to conventionally powered rammers. Another step towards greater user-friendliness. The Z.ERA products were considered very closely in practice from the participants. And YES. They have proven that they are equal both in terms of strength and range.  
“For an emission-free world” is not only the slogan for our Z.ERA LE portfolio.  It’s our mission and vision for all upcoming e-products.  

After the theoretical part, we went out onto the training field. Especially the remote-controlled  
D.ONE was a highlight once again. The customers were enthusiastic with its hassle-free operation, long range, and barrier-free connectivity. No more struggling to stay connected in deep trenches!  

The two days ended with a lot of information, discussions and many new impressions.  
Further training sessions are planned.