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Norwegian company Anleggservice Øst AS adds Dynapac electric rollers to its portfolio

22 Nov 2021

Dynapac has bagged the first order for the upcoming electric powered tandem roller, the CC900 e. Some months ago, compaction and paving equipment manufacturer Dynapac announced the launch of the new electric powered tandem roller. The electric rollers CC900 e & CC1000 e are part of the newly launched Z.ERA program – an initiative from Dynapac focusing on an emission-free future. The electric roller has since then been closely validated by customers and will be on the market next year.


After a successful field testing of the Dynapac CC900 e in the Oslo area of Norway, Anleggservice Øst AS decided to invest in the electric roller. We spoke to John Espen Bokle - Dynapac Country Manager in Norway, who is excited about the orders!

Congratulations John Espen! First of all, tell us about our customer. 

Thank you! Our customer is Anleggservice Øst AS, asphalt contractor in the Oslo area working in the city-environment. They already have the Dynapac mix spreader S100 & our bitumen sprayer Pick N Spray in their fleet. And it feels great that they now decided to add the CC900 e.

Why did they decide to invest in the Dynapac electric roller?

It’s a challenge for our customers to meet the increasing demand, especially for projects that require an emission free equipment. Our CC900 e is a solution to this problem. It helps them comply to new regulations. Also appreciated is the fact that the machine was very quiet even with the vibration turned on. And of course, excellent compaction performance which is always an important factor. 

Is the Norwegian government pushing for emission-free solutions?

The government in Norway is promoting increasingly stringent legislations and pushing for cleaner and more sustainable solutions to help reduce carbon emission. The city of Oslo has stated that in 2025 all machines working in the city must be emission free. Knowing that, it feels great being able to offer the Dynapac electric roller.

The city of Oslo has several sponsorship levels, supporting companies investing in relevant emission-free equipment. For example, around 30% of the investment cost can be sponsored for an electric machine.

So, does this mean there is more business in the pipeline?

I would say so, yes. We have the ingredients - we have the push from the government, demand from our partners, and a great solution to offer – Dynapac CC900 e.

What are the most frequent questions you receive regarding the electric roller?

The most common question is about the battery - how long it lasts and it’s charging time. 

With asphalt repair-works team, we have seen that the battery lasts more than a full day of compaction. Technically, that’s 70 to 80 tons of asphalt at 40 - 50 mm thickness and still 10 to 20% charge remaining on the battery. In fact, we have never experienced running out of charge after a full day of work. The battery would be charged overnight at the workshop.

We have two different chargers - the 230 V that charges the battery in 6 hours and the 400 V fast charger that takes around 1,5 hours. We are working on a solution that would help our partners use the charging stations available in cities.

Thank you so much John Espen Bokle and best wishes!

Fact’s box: 

The CC900 e features a drum that is 900 mm wide & weighs 1,6t.
Nominal vibration amplitude - 0.4 mm
Vibration frequency - 60 Hz
Static linear load - 9.2/9.6 kg/cm
Centrifugal force - 13.6 kN

Unlike the diesel fueled model upon which it is based, the new CC900 e tandem vibratory roller produces zero emissions at the point of operation. Also available would be the CC1000 e featuring a 1000 mm wide drum.