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Over 3,200 tons of base course in one day

12 Apr 2022

Over 3,200 tons of base course in one day

This is what it looks like when 50 trucks, two high-performance feeders and two road pavers pave 3,200 tons of base course in one day! Last week, the Dynapac paving team was on the road with our customer DIECKMANN Bauen + Umwelt GmbH & Co. KG from Osnabrück on this logistically very demanding job site on the B51 near the Münster bypass.

Two mixing plants on duty

The 50 trucks circulated between the job site and two different mixing plants to transport this huge quantity of AC 32 TS 50/70 mix to the feeders. The two MF2500CM high-performance feeders fed the mix into the 22-ton auxiliary hoppers of the two Dynapac pavers: an SD2500CS and an SD2550CS were working on the job site. Despite the heavy paving package, the machines achieved high precompaction on a width of up to 12m thanks to being equipped with Dynapac's V5100THE and V6000THE high compaction screeds.

Maximum evenness

In addition, both pavers were equipped with the Big Ski grade and slope control system for increased evenness. Dynapac pavers are compatible with a variety of grade and slope control systems that can compensate for even the smallest irregularities by automatically controlling the screed. With the Big Ski system, the pavement can be controlled over a length of 13m thanks to the three built-in sensors. This results in a particularly smooth surface.