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Paving the Shah Amanat International Airport, Bangladesh

25 May 2022

Taking things to new heights at the Shah Amanat International Airport, Chattogram, Bangladesh 

Dynapac provides people and companies around the world with high-quality machines built around performance and innovation. Even in challenging situations, operators and contractors can look forward to concrete advantages like, greatly increased fuel efficiency and uptime, low maintenance, and reliable robustness. These qualities and more were seen at the Shah Amanat International Airport in Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Runways done the right way

Replacing an old 3200 meters long runway with a new one is a challenge even under the best of circumstances. However, the Shah Amanat International Airport, in Chattogram came with a few extra demands. For one, it was a single runway, meaning traffic was heavy and the work would have to be done as quickly as possible. In fact, even the Bangladesh Airforce made use of it. This meant that working for an entire day wasn’t possible due to the impact on daily operations. Making the most of the nights was the only other alternative. Adding to the list of demands was the fact that the entire project had to be completed within a certain time frame, or the Airport Authority would have faced a large penalty for missed deadlines.

All these issues made the choice of machines and services all the more important. Currently, the contractor on-site has a fleet of Dynapac vehicles, from tandem rollers, soil compactors, and pavers. All these were put to the test for this prestigious project. During operations, Dynapac’s local dealer, Runner Trading Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh, was there for services and after-market support.

Expanding a winning team

Mr. M. G. Mustafa, Sr. Executive Director of Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd, planned to expand his fleet of Dynapac machines to handle the Chattogram Airport assignment. For him, the choice was based on his previous experiences working with Dynapac. “We have been using Dynapac machines for over a year and employed them on several challenging airport projects. These machines have been integral to the success of all our projects related to asphalt work, and soil compaction, regardless of different specifications and customer requirements. We have found that Dynapac machines such as asphalt pavers, soil compactors, and tandem rollers provide the high performance we need with more flexibility and low cost of maintenance. For example, we never faced a major machine breakdown during our entire work tenure. And now with an expanded fleet, we will have the capability to handle more projects in the future.”