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The Remarkable Palkhi Marg Project

20 Sep 2023

Press release, Story, Compaction, Paving, Service

cultural and religious tradition in Maharashtra

The Palkhi Marg in Maharashtra is a special route for Lord Vitthal's devotees. Every year, thousands of warkaris travel long distances to visit the Pandharpur temple. To make their journey safer and easier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started building the Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Marg and Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Marg in November 2021. It is a significant cultural and religious tradition in Maharashtra, drawing thousands of devotees each year.

These roads are not just for walking; they show the strong faith of the warkaris. The new four-lane roads make it easier for them to travel and connect with their beliefs. Safety is important for these pilgrims. Dynapac machines helped build paths on both sides of the Palkhi Marg to keep them safe.

The scope of the Palkhi Marg Project

Dynapac was selected with our team of experts to pick the right equipment for the application. The team of operating personnel were trained on usage and maintenance of the 41 machines. We continue to support the construction by having a dedicated team working specifically on supporting the equipment used for the Palkimarg project.

Dynapac equipment is designed for efficiency and durability, making it a cost-effective choice for various projects. It delivers quality results, high productivity, confidence on the job site, and easy serviceability.

In the recent project, we used the Dynapac 13 Ton Soil compactor CA385D, which helped complete the project faster. This compactor's unique feature, a high static linear load of approximately 39 kg/cm, reduced the number of passes required and improved fuel efficiency. Dynapac's patented design also reduces energy consumption during startup, saving fuel by 50%.

Timely completion

In the Palkhi Marg project, our main focus was timely completion. To achieve this, we used Dynapac equipment such as the 9.7m paver SD2530CS, 13m paver SD2550CS, and 9m paver SD2500C. These pavers feature stable screeds based on a 4-tube principle design, which simplifies assembly and eliminates the need for supporting rods, even for large paving widths.

To optimize the paving process and ensure timely maintenance, all these pavers are equipped with the Dyn@link Advance telematic system. This system allows us to fine-tune paving parameters and monitor the pavers' performance closely. With Dyn@link, we can track fuel usage, receive service alerts for uninterrupted operation, set geofencing parameters, and check engine parameters, enhancing overall machine uptime throughout the project.

At this site, we're using the CC425 Tandem roller, known for its advanced safety features and efficiency. It includes a seat switch sensor, a 120-degree swivel seat, and a lever interlock system to prioritize operator safety. Additionally, the Dynalink Basic technology provides geofencing, live status updates, and theft alerts for enhanced security.

To ensure long-term reliability and reduce maintenance requirements, we've deployed the 14 Ton CP275 Pneumatic Roller in this project. This roller offers exceptional performance with its sturdy construction and robust design while demanding minimal maintenance. Choosing this roller not only saves time but also lowers overall project costs, making it a cost-effective solution.

Customer´s feedback

Pritam Mhatre, Director (JM Mhatre Infra Pvt. Ltd.): “I am working with Dynapac for the past seven years, and I must say that their fleet expansion during this period is truly impressive when compared to other brands. At present, we have a total of thirty two Dynapac equipment units, encompassing various categories such as pavers, compactors, and baby rollers, all actively engaged in different projects. I am pleased to report that the aftermarket support and service provided by Dynapac have been consistently excellent. In particular, the pavers stand out for their effortless maintenance, and our operators find working with Dynapac machines to be a breeze.”

R.K. Chavan, Managing Director (RKC Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.):“The productivity and efficiency of Dynapac Equipments have proven to be commendable. We are currently utilizing these equipment for the execution of two Palkhi Mahamarg projects, and we have experienced their effectiveness firsthand. The support provided by the Dynapac team has been exceptional, and we are highly satisfied with their diligent approach to after-sales service.”

Aftermarket support

To ensure seamless operations, we assigned our dedicated service engineer, Arif, who underwent specialized training by Dynapac for maintenance purposes. Our engineering team diligently inspected the condition of various filtration systems, promptly replacing them when needed. Additionally, they conducted regular checks on the display units to identify and resolve any error codes promptly, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

According to our Dynapac Service Team “It was a critical site and looking after the importance of project it was our duty to ensure the smooth functioning of our machines. Quality first customer satisfaction must is our motto”.

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