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Why buy the Dynapac SD2500CS

10 Dec 2018

After 25 successful and trouble-free years with the Demag DF110C paver, Wildenhues Straßen GmbH decided that it was time to re-invest. Wildenhues, a construction company based in Dusseldorf, Germany, focuses on road construction and asphalt works.

After testing and reviewing several different brands of pavers, Wildenhues made a wise investment: the Dynapac SD2500CS. The Wildenhues team, which consisted of Piotr Maj (operator), Sven Dörrenhaus (Construction Manager) and Markus Massong (Foreman), was very impressed with the machine’s quiet operator environment, the vario-screed V5100TV with an extension up to 5.10 meters as well as the excellent surface quality. Thanks to the deep screed plate with 380 mm and the small auger drive, the paving result provides a homogenous asphalt surface with a uniform texture. Moreover, the low design of the screed allows the crew to keep track of the paving operation and the material consumption in the auger at all times.

The Dynapac SD2500CS technological superiority is especially evident in its many automatic programs. During the paving process, one can monitor the amount of asphalt consumed with the material calculator - this tool helps you keep track of the amount of material used and allows you to order the optimal amount of material needed to continue the job, leaving no unwanted material spill. Another feature on the SD2500CS is the ability to automatically to determine the roof profile and the bank angle automatically. This increases the accuracy of the profile and allows for a more effective work environment for the screed crew.

Wildenhues Straßen GmbH and their contractors benefit from the Dynapac TruckAssist system especially during inner city and night jobs. This truck lighting system, installed on the hopper, silently guides the truck for docking and tipping of material. The truck docks on the hydraulic push beams and thanks to the Dynapac Safe Impact System unwanted contacted with the screed is avoided.

The new Dynapac pavers have many benefits for the operators as well: heated seats, large windscreen, wide-opening side windows with weather housing and fully closable sides ensure operator comfort all year round. “Our newly-purchased paver is definitely an economical gain for us”, says company boss Nils Wildenhues. “The Diesel consumption is very low, thanks to the latest Tier 4 final and the Dynapac Paver Manager 2.0 Advanced with VarioSpeed technology”. His brother Frank Wildenhues is impressed with the paver’s stable and sturdy design: “We get a really stable machine for our money and with the standard build-in screed plates made of 16 mm HARDOX 500, we are far superior to our competitors and now have a superior paving capacity.

As soon as they tried the SD2500CS they ordered also the Dynapac SD1800C. “Thanks to the purchase of Dynapac’s SD1800C, we fill an operational gap and are now able to pave working widths ranging from 1.20 meters to 1.75 meters and even up to 2.55 meters”, said the brothers Wildenhues from Dusseldorf.