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23 Feb 2023

Press release


The Z.ERA program at Dynapac is helping accelerate our continual push towards an emission-free workplace. This can be seen in the investment and further refinement of alternative fuels such as battery-driven engines and hydrogen power solutions.
The initial phase of the program has focused on offering a product portfolio that is optimally suited for inner-city environment applications such as smaller road assignments like bicycle lanes and repair works. Among the many benefits of alternative energy-powered pavers compared to their diesel-powered counterparts are a lower carbon footprint, more savings from lower operating costs, and less wear and tear from fewer fluids and moving parts. Additionally, operator comfort is heightened with lower noise levels and no exhaust fumes.

As a company committed to innovation and fostering beneficial change, we are helping play an important role in the transition to an emission-free future. Our Z.ERA program will assist in leading the way with its first focus on inner-city work sites.
At Dynapac, we believe this transformation starts with replacing combustion engine power packs with robust and reliable battery technology. Based on customer’s reliance on a full day’s worth of performance, and available technology, we began with machines designed for city and repair work which all had shorter operating times. Today, this innovative portfolio includes an Electric Citypaver SD1800W e and Electric double drum asphalt rollers CC900 e/ CC1000 e and several electric-driven solutions for light compaction applications.

Dynapac is a leading supplier of high-tech soil and asphalt rollers, light equipment, and pavers. We’re committed to strengthening customer performance by being the reliable and innovative go-to partner on the road ahead.  Dynapac is represented worldwide via its regional sales- and service offices and cooperates with an extensive and professional distri-bution network.