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CP27 Pneumatic rollers

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  • Dimensions
Compaction width mm
Length 5170 mm
Width 2350 mm
Height 2730 mm
Height, without Cab 2505 mm
Wheelbase 4050 mm
Ground clearance 300 mm
Discontinued true
Operating Mass: N/A
Wheel loads with max. ballast: N/A
Rolling width:N/A

Technical data

Operating mass (incl. ROPS) kg
Transmission FUNK "Reverse-O-Matic" coupled to a special differential
Speed low 4.1 km/h
Speed high 25.8 km/h
Max. theoretical gradeability %
Turning radius, outside 8580 mm
Rolling width mm
Tyre overlap 42 mm
Wheel loads, without ballast 1220 kg
Wheel loads, with wet sand ballast 3000 kg
Tyre pressure, min 241.317 kPa
Tyre pressure, max 827.371 kPa
Number of tyres 9 tyres (4 oscilating front weels and 5 rear weels)
Manufacturer Perkins
Model 6.3544 - 6 cyllinders
Manufacturer/Model Perkins 6.3544 - 6 cyllinders
Rated power 108.0 hp
Rated power 80.5 kW
Rated power @ 2250 rpm
Rated power, SAE J1995 80.5 kW (108.0 hp ) @ 2250 rpm
Fuel tank capacity l
Hydraulic system
Service brake Air over hydraulic on 4 rear wheels. Independent double circuit.
Emergency brake
Mechanical on gear box.