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Dynapac SW6500 Mobile feeders

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Transport length 8.60 m
Transport width 2.20 m
Transport height 1.60 m

Product information

With the unique Dynapac SW6500 a standard MF2500CS can be transformed into a swinging feeder in less than 30 minutes. The hydraulic jacks make the mounting easy and convenient. With a swing angle of 55° and a side reach of 3.4m, the Dynapac feeder is a perfect machine for a lot of applications.

Technical data

Transport mass 4.40 t
Transport speed m/s
Fuel tank capacity l
Conveyor type Rubber belt on two chains,
mounted with metal stiffeners
Conveyor speed Constantly variable
Conveyor width 1.20 m
Max. feed capacity t/h
Feeding height (max/min) 3.9 m / 1.3 m
Feed capacity 2000 t/h