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Dynapac SW6500

Dynapac SW6500 Mobile feeders

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Transport length 8.60 m
Transport width 2.20 m
Transport height 1.60 m
Swing angle to left or right, max. 55°
Discontinued false
With the unique Dynapac SW6500 a standard MF2500CS can be transformed into a swinging feeder in less than 30 minutes. The hydraulic jacks make the mounting easy and convenient, since it takes less than 10 minutes. With a swing angle of 55° and a side reach of 3.4m, the Dynapac feeder is the perfect machine for a lot of applications.
Transport mass: 4.40 t
Conv feed capacity: 2000 t/h
Feeding height: 3.9 m / 1.3 m

Technical data

Transport mass 4.40 t
Conveyor type Rubber belt on two chains,
mounted with metal stiffeners
Conveyor speed Constantly variable
Conveyor width 1.20 m
Max. feed capacity t/h
Feeding height (max/min) 3.9 m / 1.3 m
Feed capacity 2000 t/h
Noise emissions
Sound capacity level, LWA 105 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at the operator's position
(at the height of the head), LAF
87 dB(A)
Vibration acting on the entire body
(DIN EN 1032), aw
<0.05 m/s2
Vibration acting on hands and arms
(DIN EN ISO 20643), ahw
<2.5 m/s2