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The successful cooperation between Dallmann and Dynapac continues.

21 Dec 2023

Press release, Story, Paving

Three pavers - two SD2500CS with V6000TVE screeds and an F1250CS – were handed over this year. With an order value of around one million euros, this represents a major investment in the future of the mid-sized company from northern Germany.

Dallmann was founded in 1908 in Bramsche, Lower Saxony. Since then, the range of services offered by the owner-managed group of companies with around 500 employees has become increasingly diverse and ranges from traffic route and road construction to civil engineering and hydraulic engineering. The company's objectives are clearly focused on quality, growth, and competitiveness. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important for the company to be an attractive employer and to retain good employees - long term.
Dallmann and Dynapac have enjoyed a successful partnership of equals for over 40 years. "We particularly appreciate the personal support, as well as the quality and reliability of the machines. Over the last few years, many suggestions have been mutually incorporated into the development of new products at Dynapac. Innovative digital solutions such as the MatTracker, where we have been able to test the equipment with Dynapac, enable high-quality results and work can be made significantly more efficient. Dynapac pavers also have low diesel consumption and comply with the current emissions standard. All in all, this makes us even more flexible in our ability to respond to future tenders," says Ralf Hafner, Managing Director of Dallmann.
However, it was not only economic considerations that played a role in the investment. Dallmann's employees also had a significant influence on the decision, reveals Michael Brake, Site Manager at Dallmann. "The SD2500CS is much more ergonomically designed than competition machines and it is only half as loud on the screed as on comparable machines from other suppliers. Thanks to the low screed, the employees can easily see the material feed in the auger chamber. Deep screed plates also ensure good pre-compaction and optimum paving quality. Narrow side plates make it possible to work directly against the wall, even without manual work,"

Employee care all along the line. 

Anyone who sits on a paver in the fall or even winter knows what that means. A stable windshield, adjustable seat heating and an extraction system for the bitumen fumes, which achieves significantly higher efficiency than those of other manufacturers, makes working much easier. 14 LED headlights light up the darkness and the coming home/leaving home light enables the driver to get on and off the machine safely, even when it is already dark outside.
"However, the team particularly appreciates the numerous "little" add-ons that characterize Dynapac. USB charging sockets directly on the screed, magnetic cup holders and, last but not least, the custom-fit refrigerator, which we naturally filled and handed over," says Michael Heid, Dynapac Engineer.

A special get-together between the two companies recently took place in wonderfully frosty weather and picturesque sunrise. The entire length of the main road was resurfaced, right on the doorstep of the Dynapac paver production site in Wardenburg. To be able to work here without interruptions, Dallmann relied on the MF2500CS with SW6500 swing app.
The use of this material feeder has several advantages: better driving characteristics, as there is no downtime when changing trucks and an increased hourly output - at a constant speed - is possible. Unevenness in the road surface is avoided, which leads to an even result overall. When asphalting the parallel cycle path, it was of course also simply more practical that the truck did not have to drive along the narrow path to supply the paver with asphalt material. The entire convoy passed by the building, impressing everyone. The whole day was spent talking and monitoring and evaluating the construction site - at lunchtime, a barbecue was shared on the side of the road.

"A good partnership is characterized by the fact that there is sometimes friction. This generates energy, which in return can flow productively into joint ideas. And both sides can enjoy these benefits. We look forward to continuing to work together and wish Dynapac all the best for its 90th anniversary next year!" Manuel Heitmann, Head of Asphalt Road Construction at Dallmann, concluded the successful day with the words "On the road ahead - to the next 90".