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Stepless spraying up to 7m with Dynapacs SD2500CS PROTAC Spray Paver

11 Apr 2024

Press release, Story, Paving

Efficiency goes hand in hand with intelligence in the Dynapac SD2500CS PROTAC Spray Paver.  The PROTAC brings two processes together in one machine and in a single operation: paving and spraying. It applies simultaneously a layer of tack coat emulsion and a layer of asphalt. This not only saves time and therefore costs, but also increases the pavement quality.

Designed for hassle-free operation.

The integrated heating system is designed to handle the spraying emulsion with care: A three-stage system ensures to heat up the emulsion as fast as possible but with using only the minimum power needed to reach the target temperature. All that without damaging the tack coat material – fully automatic without any additional user interaction with up to 12kW peak heating power. In addition, the tank heating is synchronized with the electric screed heating to not loose time in the morning to get quickly ready for operation.
Since the integrated emulsion tank with a capacity of 2100L is mounted right in the middle of the machine, the center of gravity is centralized which as well ensures perfect traction in all conditions – independent from the tanks filling level and with an always freed up field of view to all sides at the operator station.
To increase the operator comfort and boost the performance on the job site the machine comes with emulsion filling points on both sides to be always able to refill under all job site conditions. In case the machine cannot reach all job areas with the integrated spray bars a hand lance connection gives the possibility to connect a manual lance to also cover the tightest spaces with tack coat. 

Let the machine guide you with integrated assistant systems.

More functionalities do not always mean more complexity – at least not on Protac. An easy to operate touch screen gives you full control to the machine’s spray system. Cleaning has never been easier due to the integrated cleaning assistant that guides you through the cleaning or blow-off process, calibrating the machine to reach the requested spray rates between 0.2 and 1.6 kg/m² can be done with a step-by-step guide right at the machine and even trouble shooting with on-machine-analysis is possible right at the spray systems 7” control display. All these features are seamlessly connected to the already known automation technologies embedded in Dynapac’s Pave Manager 2 Advanced software like screed width control via MatTracker, truck driver communication with TruckAssist or automatic setting memory with SetAssist.

Beyond the limits: Now available with a 7m spray width

Pushing the existing boundaries is part of the Dynapac DNA. Now we pushed the spray system to deliver the same unmatched quality also at a width up to 7m to cover two 3.5m lanes in one go. To achieve that, we extended the spray system by 25cm per side and added an extra set of spray nozzles to ensure full coat coverage across the width. Since the Dynapac spray bar design is sensor based and not physically connected to the screed, we are able to use the Dynapac V6000 Screed Series with a set of extension boxes and still ensure full spray operation – up to 7m. The great news: Our customers have the choice. While configuring the machine we give the choice of having a maximum spray width of 6.5m with V5100 or V6000 Screed Series or having a maximum spray width of 7m with V6000 Screed Series to have the exact right tool for your job on hand.

Dynapac Protac - Efficiency and intelligence combined.