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Engineering at Dynapac


As an engineer, you have every chance to feel at home and grow at Dynapac. We are always looking for business driven engineers with an entrepreneurial mind that are interested in exploring and developing new road construction solutions.
No matter if you choose to work with D&D (design and development), product management or as a technical specialist, you will find diversified and challenging job opportunities.
A technical and analyzing mindset combined with an interactive approach and willingness to work in teams - as this is what we do. With customers and colleagues all over the world, many positions offer a truly international environment and customer interaction all over the world (either on site or virtually).

Open positions - Engineering

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Digitalization is a rapidly growing area within the Road Construction Industry. At Dynapac, we are continuously investigating emerging technologies to further build on our digital solutions. Our current solutions leverage highly scalable systems working with data at the edge, in data warehouses and everywhere in between.

Our ecosystem of solutions empowers both our external and internal customers to increase their operational efficiency, reduce their downtime and minimize operational costs all while increasing their customer’s satisfaction. Our solutions include systems covering telematics needs, operational performance documentation and general machine related documentation.

Commitment to the future

Dynapac is committed to use engineering and innovation to shift towards more sustainable business. Integrating sustainability into our business model and ways of working creates value for all stakeholders.
Our main contribution to sustainability is through our Z.ERA product range and we work together with our customers and suppliers for more productive, safer, and more sustainable solutions.
Z.ERA is the program name chosen covering all alternative power solutions from Dynapac. In 2021, we kicked of Z.ERA - a long-term initiative that will in the future be filled with environmentally friendly solutions, products and initiatives from Dynapac.

Learn more about our different Engineering / D&D departments and operations

* D&D Dynapac Karlskrona, Sweden – Centre of competence for Rollers

Working in engineering at Dynapac Karlskrona gives you a unique opportunity to develop yourself, both as person and in your professional role. Key success factors for us are innovation, high quality and to be able to offer an environment where you are able to add a personal touch to the work. With our expertise, we cover a wide area: software development, system engineering, electrical design, mechanical design, structural analysis and advanced testing. This gives a good opportunity to both broaden and deepen your knowledge every day, now even expanding through our program for alternative power solutions, Z.ERA.
As an engineer with us, you get to follow the product through the entire life cycle from first idea to follow-up in the field. We work close to the products with production on site which gives direct feedback on your work. Our global presence has created a multicultural environment, both in the office and through daily contacts with colleagues and partners around the world. The team spirit is good and if you encounter challenges, there is always a helpful colleague to support you.

* D&D Dynapac Wardenburg, Germany – Centre of competence for Pavers

Engineering at Dynapac Wardenburg is very exciting because we develop and design high quality road construction serials and special machines with high complexity. As a Dynapac engineer you can touch and feel the result of our work daily, as the machines are assembled directly in our factory.
Different engineering teams like mechanical & electrical design, hydraulics, engine & software development are working in close collaboration to achieve best results. All stages of the product life cycle are present at Dynapac: From development, through production, to the aftermarket.
The collaboration with different people and cultures due to Dynapac’s international orientation is a great advantage to develop each of us daily. The international employees who make Dynapac alive combined with the machines, in future with more and more automation features, make us as engineers very happy.

* D&D Dynapac Sorocaba Brazil

We are a rather small D&D organization in Brazil, but anyhow with a lot of challenging tasks and are really doing engineering work here. At Dynapac Brazil we produce the CA rollers range 7 to 12 tons (our largest production volume) which was developed in cooperation with Dynapac Sweden and Dynapac India.
Normally the Machine producers in Brazil, just bring read designs to be produced here – BUT at Dynapac Brazil we really create the machine from the ZERO point! It is really exciting the way how Dynapac works worldwide, and we believe it brings good competitive advantages over the competitors. We have D&D departments in all plants (Sweden, Brazil, Germany, India, and China) by this we are closest to the customers, we can quickly to react to customers’ demands an wishes.

* D&D Dynapac Tianjin, China

Dynapac D&D in Tianjin has a good team of engineers mainly focused on pavers. Their development in organization is structured and follow the career ladder. Engineer at Dynapac China is a truly international environment with great opportunities to work abroad and most members in the team are in very close connection with our D&D department in Tianjin.

* D&D Dynapac Pune India

Looking for a dynamic and challenging work environment in the engineering field? Look no further than our engineering department!

Our engineering department is home to a talented and diverse team of professionals who are dedicated to creating innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We pride ourselves on fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment, where individuals are encouraged to share their ideas and work together to achieve common goals.

As a member of our engineering team, you can expect to work on a variety of projects across diverse portfolios in Road Construction Equipment’s like Roller, Paver, and Compact equipment. You'll have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and tools, and to collaborate with colleagues from across the globe.

You will have an opportunity to gain experience of complete life cycle starting from Concept, Design, Design Verification and Validation, & thereby the support for field concerns.

D&D Pune team is working in collaboration with competence center in Sweden and Germany and also part of global projects with other sites like Brazil and China.

If you're passionate about engineering and looking for a challenging and rewarding career, we invite you to explore opportunities with our engineering department. We're committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, and welcome applicants of all backgrounds and experience levels. Join us in shaping the future of engineering!

Meet our people

Xiangxiang Yang – Paver design engineer

Mrs. Xiangxiang Yang graduated from Tianjin university majoring in mechanical design. Since September 2011, she has worked as CAD technical support assistant in Dynapac D&D team and since 2021, she has been promoted as paver design engineer. The focus on diversity in the D&D team increase the over-all inclusion and blends competencies.

“As a D&D team coordinator I am responsible for the external communication and coordination between the D&D team and other departments. I am also actively part of the design tasks in the paver screed design project. I  provide innovative design schemes for the project” I really like my work at Dynapac, the great team I am heading and all opportunities offered at Dynapac. A great place to work at – says Xiangxiang Yang and runs off for next meeting.


Marcel Mattfeldt – Project leader Mechatronics, UX/UI competency lead

Marcel who has studied Studies of mechanical engineering B.Sc. and computational engineering science M.Sc. at the TU Berlin started his career with Dynapac as a Service specialist in 2016 and then since 2019 as software engineer and as from February 2023 in present position.

Software engineering is not just about coding, that’s just a part of it. It is a lot about sharing thoughts, coming up with good concepts and convincing stakeholders. At Dynapac we don’t just get tasks on a daily business, we are part of the decision making to create a great product.

From day one you start working internationally. Communication with suppliers, other engineering centers and international colleagues is part of working with Dynapac.

We ship globally and  every market has their special requirements. That’s part of a challenging field of construction equipment.

What I like most about Engineering at Dynapac is that we are hands on. Software development takes place in the office and on the machine itself. We will be able to see the results of our work immediately and have great impact on how the product will look and feel.

It’s really awarding to see a machine come to live after a long time of concepting, planning, prototyping, developing and sending your work to production!