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Canbus gateway Tools

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This Canbus gateway is used together with Sauer Plus1 Service Tool (a license is required to access the service tool) on the range of CC rollers. It handles the communications between your PC and the master ECU (Electronic Control Unit) of the machine. This makes it easy to adjust the machine, installed upgraded software versions and trouble shoot your machines.

The gateway is equipped with a USB interface in one end and a RS232 interface in the other end. Simply connect the USB interface to your PC and the other end of the cable to the master ECU of the machine (RS232). Start ignition and start up your service tool, you are now on line and are able to read and adjust the machine.

For rollers using uGDebug service tool (CA rollers without Antispin, CG rollers and CC800-1000) please see connection cable 4700378171 for more information.

For rollers using WinGPi service tool (CC with electronic drive control and CA rollers equipped with Antispin) please see connection cable 4700378276 for more information.

1 pcs: 4700 7925 84

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1 pcs 4700 7925 84