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Dynapac Belt Guard

Dynapac Belt Guard Fluids

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Depending on the road construction jobsite the conveyor belt faces volumes up to 1 000 tons of asphalt per hour. Without appropriated maintenance this tremendous materialflow has a major impact on the conveyor belt and leads to wear and asphalt deposits. Thus, this material stress requires an appropriate treatment in order prevent a reduced lifetime of the belt. Furthermore, an unmaintained conveyor belt can impact the paving result negatively. Defects in the asphalt surface require time consuming and cost intensive rework and can be prevented by the use of Belt Guard. Thus, we recommend to consider regular belt cleaning with Belt Guard as part whole asphalt paving process.
20 liter can: 4812 2158 42
209 liter drum: 4812 2158 46
1000 liter container: 4812 2160 94

Используется в

  • Mobile Feeders

Продуктовые преимущества

  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Economical in use
  • Release agent
  • Easy to use -> Fill the tank and spray
  • Optimally harmonized with the spray system

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20 liter can 4812 2158 42
209 liter drum 4812 2158 46
1000 liter container 4812 2160 94