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Laying the road to safer automation

21 Mar 2022

Laying the road to advanced documentation and safer automation

Safety on busy job sites became a number one priority over the last decades in the road construction industry. Two different views are colliding here: More and more traffic leads to more repair work on public roads what again leads to more and more traffic. The current approach: Combine the running traffic and road works by using half closed roads where construction work and running traffic can co-exist. The problem is: Busy job sites and running traffic can lead to a high risk of accidents on site and quality issues caused by time pressure.

Dynapac has decided to support our end customers in challenging this difficult task with combining modern technologies as intelligent assistant systems into our machine line up to provide the tools needed on site.

The MatTracker. Stay out of danger zones.

While working on a half-closed-road-job-site the distance between the screed operator and the running traffic can be less than a meter due to the lack of space. If there is an accident happening the screed operator will be directly exposed to the crash and there is no time for him to escape. Hundreds of issues have been reported over the years but now there is a solution to keep the screed operators safe: The MatTracker sensor system.

The sensor can be easily attached to the side shield even on the run without stopping the machine. Ones the system is powered on, it can detect edges from curbs or already existing mats next to the paver based on advanced optical image processing. By doing that the system can follow the edge and send the screed extension and retraction signals to the machine, so the screed is fully automatically adjusted in width, based on the reference given. The operator can leave the screed remote and let the MatTracker and the integrated leveling system take over. Both systems can be observed from the main dashboard or the second remote control to avoid accessing the danger zone during the complete machine operation.

Thermal mapping systems. Ensure high quality standards.

A continuous documentation process becomes more and more crucial on sites around the globe. Because of the short time slots, increasing traffic that disturbs the material logistics and a variety of sub-contractors the quality assurance is very challenging and a fast reaction in the case of an issue is key to combine high efficiency with high quality.

Thermal mapping systems from MOBA or TF Technologies are designed to tackle the issues around the high quality results by using advanced data coming from the machines and the material and combining it with machine learning algorithms to give the crew recommendations on site on how to improve the current situation and to give alerts in case of a quality issue.

The MOBA Pave-IR Systems allows the operators on site to get a detailed inside look on their paving results by using an infrared camera that scans the laid mat continuously. By using the data collected the system recognizes cold spots or hot spots in the mat that need to be treated careful during the rolling process to keep the overall quality on the same level.

TH E Vario Screed Series. Adapt to your current conditions.

High efficiency is the industries main driver: How to reduce the fuel consumption while operating at a higher speed and a still high-quality level? Several approaches are available to tackle that problem. One of them: Intelligent machines with high adaptability and flexibility. The answer from Dynapac is the high compaction screed series. A system that is able to handle highest compaction needs to high mat thicknesses and handle sensitive materials on thin layer wearing course paving at the same time – in one machine. Controlled by the Pave Manager OS the screed’s compaction settings can be adjusted individually without any connection to fit the current material’s needs. The clue: by doing that the energy consumption is not higher compared to a standard tamper vibration screed and the overall energy needs of the complete pacing train can even be reduced drastically by saving roller passes and rework.

Combining all the advanced systems in one tool gives our customers the chance to operate safely, highly precise and highly efficient.