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MF2500CS Mobile Feeder Helps Cobleskill Stone Products Inc. Improve Paving Jobs

11 Jan 2023

Story, Paving

Cobleskill Stone Products Inc. improves asphalt paving quality and speed with a Dynapac MF2500CS mobile feeder

Established in 1954 with the purchase of a limestone quarry in Cobleskill, N.Y., Cobleskill Stone Products Inc. has grown into an aggregate producer, material supplier and construction services provider for upstate New York. When it comes to asphalt paving jobs, a large portion of the company’s business revolves around overlays for states, counties and municipalities. Recently, the firm utilized a Dynapac MF2500CS mobile feeder to help pave two rehabilitated stretches of I-88, one near Schenevus, N.Y., and the other near Central Bridge, N.Y.

“The Central Bridge project included three lifts of blacktop to put down: T&L, a binder course and a top course,” explained Michael Moore, vice president of Cobleskill Stone Products.  “The job specs only required using a material transfer vehicle (MTV) for the binder and top course, but we chose to use one for all three courses,” added Dan Mark, the project superintendent on the Central Bridge project. “Using an MTV like the Dynapac MF2500 provides better rideability because there are no truck transitions, and we’re able to lay more tonnage at a constant speed.”

Job specifications for the MTV included a 30-tonnage capacity between the MTV and the hopper.

“We looked at multiple brands before choosing the Dynapac MF2500,” stated Moore. “Using a tracked machine opposed to a wheeled machine had specific appeal because we were working with crack and seat material. Once we established the carrying capacity met the job specs, we looked at the remix capabilities built into the machine and the oscillating conveyor, and it was clear the machine fit the bill for how we wanted to approach the project.”

The Dynapac MF2500CS mobile feeder has a maximum operating speed of 82 feet per minute and a 2000 t/h conveyor feed capacity when using an optional swing conveyor or a 4000 t/h feed capacity with a standard conveyor. At the I-88 Schenevus project, Cobleskill Stone Products’ operators typically laid 17 feet of asphalt per minute, totaling upwards of 3,000 tons of material per day, which allowed them to complete echelon paving with two pavers running side-by-side for a portion of the project.

“One of the days, we were able to lay almost 3,400 tons of material,” noted Sam Galasso, supervisor. “The MF2500 helped tremendously with production and eliminated the cold joint in the center of the mat. Continuous paving also eliminated bumps in the mat from the machine stopping and letting the screed settle, which resulted in a more consistent and higher quality finished product.”

“Machine uptime for the I-88 project was 100%,” added Moore. “The user-friendly interface made it easy to operate and allowed our operator to train other employees to run the machine.”

Dealer support

When looking for the right machine for the I-88 project, Cobleskill Stone Products turned to Steve Kenney, a sales representative at Anderson Equipment Company, and Tom Kiselica, the paver and feeder marketing developer at Dynapac.  “The machine was fit for this job site,” commented Kenney. “The controls are directly in front of the operator, who can operate the machine from either side of the cab, and the visibility is superior to the competition. Keeping everyone safe on the job site is key, which is why the Dynapac MF2500CS allows the operator to set the machine to automatically self-feed the paver, keep the proper distance from the paver, and stop if the paver stops moving for any reason.”

Cobleskill Stone Products also relies on Anderson Equipment Company and Dynapac for support.  “Both Tom and Steve have been excellent,” stated Moore. “They checked in on the job’s progress and machine’s performance multiple times. We’ve worked with them before and know that they go above and beyond to make sure our Dynapac equipment is running. If I have a question for either of them, they’re quick to answer the phone and will follow up with an answer. We’ve been very happy with the performance of the machine and support from Dynapac. The quality and reliability of the machine helped the job run smoothly. As we take on future MTV projects, we will continue to turn to Dynapac and the MF2500.”