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Dynapac’s Oscillation Technology Now Available on its Largest Asphalt Roller CO6200VI

12 Apr 2022

Press release, Compaction

Dynapac’s first foray into oscillation on a tandem drum roller was introduced in 2019 with the 11-ton CO4200 VI. Since then Dynapac has introduced Oscillation technology on CO5200VI (77 in., 13 ton), CO2200 (59 in. , 8.5 ton) and now rounds out with the largest roller in the family CO6200VI (84 in. width , 13.5 ton weight).

Just like our previous Oscillation rollers, new CO6200VI will also features vibration on the front drum and oscillation on the rear. Like our previous Oscillation drum technology, CO6200VI will also address two pain points for Contractors associated with other brand Oscillation rollers.

For one, oscillation creates a rubbing action on the asphalt material that can lead to premature wear on the drum shell. To combat that, Dynapac constructed the drums out of Hardox® 450 steel, which is the hardest steel that can be shaped into a drum shell which prolongs the life of the drum

The other problem was the lengthy and difficult process of changing the timing belts for the oscillating drum’s off-centred eccentric weights. Typically, a two-day job that must be done in the shop with other brand rollers, involving dismantling the drum. Instead, the timing belts on Dynapac’s oscillating drums can be replaced in two hours and can be done in the field if necessary. A demonstration of the belt-changing process can be seen in this video below:

Solving those problems for our customers and their acceptance, enabled the us to develop additional range of oscillation rollers with confidence. Dynapac also backs the confidence of our technology with the industry’s best warranty for Oscillation drum shell which is 7 Years / 7500 hr pro-rated warranty, which is by far the best warranty known for this type of rollers.

The use for oscillation rollers includes bridge decks and joints, as well as near foundations and concrete structures, and for better performance on thin asphalt layers. Oscillation rollers can also be beneficial in some mixes to extend the compaction window before it cools out.

The use of oscillation rollers is gaining popularity near highly populated areas where noise of vibration is a concern. Dynapac’s Oscillation roller have the patented efficient eccentrics in an oil bath reducing the surrounding noise levels when operated with Oscillation mode.